Animation Nation 2009

Posted by Grey Tuesday, September 22, 2009

After last year's interestingly varied selection of international animation films (not just Japan thus the namesake, "Animation"), what can we expect for this round of Animation slugfest?

The 2008 outings were intriguing, successfully assembling the more popular genres of animation like Japanese anime films, "The Piano Forest" and Genius Party, the anthology jam of several famed anime creators, a free screening of hit videogame spinoff, "Dead Space" to the more obscure but nonetheless acclaimed films like the quirky "Sita Sings The Blues" and a retrospective of works from Aardman Studio.

Tall order to top, isn't it? This year's assembly of animation films might just do it.

Nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 2009 Academy Awards and winner for the Best Foreign Film at 2009 Golden Globes Awards, Israeli animated documentary film, "Waltz With Bashir" is no stranger to major film awards internationally. To those wondering what exactly is an animated documentary, there is only one way to find out. (And obviously, I don't mean that Pirate-bay way).

Another absolute eye-catcher to both the otaku crowd and philosophy rambling types and would be Production I.G.'s latest outing, "Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai". Featuring an ultimate dream team of anime's best and their iteration of the most beloved samurai in all historical records and literature of Japan, Musashi Miyamoto.

There's more, but if the above two doesn't raise your enthusiasm already, most probably, nothing will. Wait, probably the very uncharacteristic screening of "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: The Super Adventure", the mega-blockbuster of China that is based on a local tv animation series that had run for three years in the mainland, might clinched the deal for you.

There's definitely more interesting films in the line-up, so check it out at the official site.


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