iPhone: The Full Invasion

Posted by Grey Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Past.

A Sony Ericsson mobile phone complete with build-in digital camera featuring reasonably decent mega-pixels and a funky, totally manageable MP3 scheming; and speaking of MP3, an iPod with ample capacity for all the songlist you ever needed for all the occasion you can think of; and last but definitely not the least, the almighty Sony Playstation Portable to tide you over those killer waiting time till the next bus arrives. And probably a laptop for those zombies craving for internet brainjuice every now and then.

A typical checklist of a constant traveller on the road on a regular basis.

That is, before iPhone came along.

(First and foremost: Nope, this is not an advertorial for Apple nor is it some pathetically thinly veiled in-place advert. Just some hard-felt thought for a regular travelling zombie on a routine brain-hunt out there.)

The Present.

iPhone. The one true indispensable (okay, nothing is indispensable in this world, but you gonna put together a rogue gallery of gadgets to make up to it) gadget for the modern-day traveller. Before I go on and on about the pros, let's get all emo and dwell on the cons.

The camera: Kinda suck though the saving grace is that its widescreen kinda smoke out that fact. The 3GS has a 3.2 megapixel camera, with auto focus and can also record VGA video, though. Not that much a deal if you compare with the regular mobile phone out there with easily much superior specs than these.

The MP3 player: Being a product of Apple easily translates to the fact that user are to go through the monopoly-minded, exclusive method of transferring files legitimately: through the iTunes (innovators had proven otherwise though, with their third-party stuffs). For the ringtone-crazed out there, that means no, you can't micro-manage your funky ringtone anymore (well, iTunes does sell their ringtones but there's always third-party heroes).

File transferring: Suffers from the same issue as above.

And there are tons of other cons, though they are not significant enough for us to dwell on here.

Why's that?

Because I don't even have to list the pros. It's just there.

A fully functioning mobile phone, a standard iPod, an entertainment system with all the weird fuck apps (fart sound analysing, anyone), a portable gaming platform with an ever-growing list of notable titles up and coming and the fucking internet. Need more? There's the revolutionary 3.5-inch multi-touch display that allows users to control it with a tap, flick or pinch of their fingers.

Need we say more? In fact, regardless of your answer towards that question, we are going to say more anyway. Being a multi-tasking mechanism crucial to the zombie's daily motor functions, we here at The Daily Zombie embraced the iPhone and warmly welcome its myriad and seemingly infinite sphere of apps ranging from the mundane (Quick Office is so efficient that I felt bad calling it mundane) to the insane (the never-ending clones of a beer drinking simulator?) to the insanely cool (Layers allows you photoshopping on the fly). And we haven't even touch on the gaming scene on iPhone, which already had many speculating on its imminent crowning at the throne of all handheld gaming.

We will be covering news, views, previews and reviews in all aspects pertaining the iPhone. And in particular scrutiny, we will be wheeling out App Attack, an in-depth tracking and posting of fresh new apps and games of interest, which we will be coming back with the reviews on it as soon as we are done.

Stay undead.


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