Hulkamania - Let The Battle Begin

Posted by Grey Friday, November 27, 2009

A major wrestling tour that is taking place over the week over Australia, brought to the Aussies from the prayers-saying, always-training, and vitamins-eating, Hulk Hogan.

Touring over Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney, "Hulkamania - Let The Battle Begin" is a wrestling event exclusively for the Australian fans. PWTorch, ever the dependable online wrestling source, had released a review on it, so do check it out here.

A look at the roster and matches below:

1) Tag Team Match - The Pimp Fatha (Charles Wright, AKA The Godfather) & Nick Dinsmore
(Previous ring names U-Gene and previously contracted to the WWE as EuGene)
defeated Rock of Love

2) Best of Three Series for $25,000 - 'Spartan 3000' Matt Cross defeated Shannon Moore

3) "Down Under" Street Fight with Falls Count Anywhere stipulation - Nasty Boys (Brian Knobs & Jerry Sags w/Jimmy Hart defeated Vampire Warrior (Gangrel) & Black Pearl “The Count Of California”

4) Singles Match - Brutus “The Barber" Beefcake (w/Jimmy Hart) defeated John Heidenreich

5) Bikini Challenge Match - Lacey Von Erich defeated Koa Marie Turner, Stephanie Pietz, and Kiara Dillon

6) Singles Match - Mr. Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy) defeated Sean Morley (Val Venis)

According to PWTorch, Ken Anderson did his usual pose mid-ring waiting wait for his mic to fall until he realized this isn't WWE. The ring announcer then gave him his own mic, which got a great response. He did his usual promo on the mic. Instead of doing the long "Kennedy," he climbed the top rope and said, "Nah, Kennedy is dead... it's 'ANDERSON ... ANDERSON.'"

7) Tag Team Match - Solofa Fatu Jnr (Previous ring names Kishi and formerly contracted to the WWE as Rikishi) & Brian Christopher (Grand Master Sexay) defeated Orlando Jordan & Edward Fatu (Previous ring names Aumaga and formerly contracted to the WWE as Umaga)

8) Main Event: Singles Match - Hulk Hogan defeated Ric Flair

A rather decent roster, comprising old school 80s icons, WWE Attitude era's midcards, with some surprise addition along the way (Mr. Kennedy). A interesting attraction ought to be the official in-ring return of RIc Flair.

For those interested in the event, do check out the official site for more details.


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