WWE Survivor Series Preview

Posted by Grey Sunday, November 22, 2009

Survivor Series, the second longest running pay-per-view event in WWE history right behind behind WrestleMania, will be held on this Sunday, November 22nd. Well, we hit the jackpot twice out of five times in our last prediction for WWE Bragging Rights, though you have to give it to us for successfully predicting Big Show's betrayal and Batista's heel turn (both significant plot twist in their own rights).

So how shall we fare this time round?

Traditionally one of the four top shows of the year (the other four show being SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and of course, the "Showcase of the Immortal", Wrestlemania), Survivor Series, as mentioned earlier is into its 23 installment. With WWE on a renewed initiative to provide its PPVs with an unique (so to say) gimmick, Survivor Series is one that needs no reinvention, with its tried-and-true old school gimmick: Five-on-five elimination tag matches. Gimmick matches, due to the aforementioned renewed initiative, is currently seeing quite an overexposure, with many a handful of them having its storylines tweaked to accommodate the gimmick match in question. Of course, the card on the latest Survivor Series faces this very same problem, but twenty-three years of experience has proven its value, with the build-up for the PPV being decently done, promising both entertaining wrestling action and soap drama plot development.

With rumours of major titles unifications and planned Wrestlemania main events rampant in the online community, predictions on the upcoming Survivor Series has proven to be wildly conflicting.

So with no further ado, on to the matches...

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (Triple Threat Match)

In an interesting twist (yes, even by WWE standards), both the major titles from RAW and Smackdown are in contention in the same format of matches, with an almost exactly identical plot logic providing the drama factor.

Babyface champion? Check.

Title contenders being tag teams with upper card wrestlers who also happened to be former multiple-times World Champions, respectively? Check.

In essence, an almost handicap match, unless both tag team implode upon the temptation of the title? Check.

And for this RAW title, the WWE Championship, the contenders are, Triple H and the HeartBreak Kid Shawn Michaels, respectively, bona fide veterans and guaranteed Hall-of-Famers themselves, and together, the legendary DX. Word on the streets, is that we could be watching another DX implosion, with another HHH/HBK feud on the line soon.

The question? Is this the right time?

Sure, John Cena will be working on his new film soon, but that does not effectually meant he will be written out of RAW, especially with rumours that 1) he could either be holding on to the title as a fighting champion against Batista, the supposedly World Heavyweight Champion by then, in a World Title unification match in Wrestlemania, or, 2) as a fallout of last Wednesday's RAW main event (yet another triple threat match where all opponents in the title matches faced off in a triple threat tag team match, where DX versus Unified Tag team champions, Jerishow (Big Show and Chris Jericho) versus World Heavyweight Champion, Undertaker and WWE Champion, John Cena) where Cena won but at the price of pissing off the relatively short-fused Undertaker, who in turn "tombstoned" the poor sod, Cena facing off Taker in Wrestlemania.

Regardless of the speculations, three top-notch babyface wrestlers facing off in a triple threat match is certainly a match of "Wrestlemania" quality.

Predicted Winner: John Cena
According to the long established unwritten rule of pro-wrestling where if wrestler A loses his match prior to the big main event coming up next, he will then win the big main event, HHH got pinned clean in the aforementioned star-studded RAW main event. And in accordance to my guess of a heel turn within DX, does somehow fitted nicely into the scheme of things. However, I would much prefer HBK to play that heel turn into his much-anticipated last champion reign of terror.

Nevertheless, WWE always had a way of keeping things stale, playing their game safe, so most probably, we will be seeing Cena keeping the title, with DX playing their almost destined feud with Jerishow, who may drop by for a run-in interruption to escalate the feud further. A tag team ladder match with the Unified Tag Team Chamipon ship on the line in the next PPV? Either way, Hornswoggle is bound to appear and hopefully in a non-consequential way.

Hell I hate midget jokes.

World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker vs. Big Show vs. Chris Jericho (Triple Threat Match)

In fact, when predicting the result of this match, there is only one thing to consider: Can Undertaker do a Ladder Match? Sure, he did it before with Jeff Hardy, but even that was years ago. With the gimmick of the next PPV being, well, the PPV is called Tables, Ladders and Chairs, it is of course almost affirmative to have the two world titles in contention in the form of a Ladder Match. You might argue that they can always play it slow, but that is beside the point. With Jerishow deemed to be in the absolutely unenviable roles of playing heels to the resident babyface team, DX, Undertaker is likely to keep his title. For now. Chances are, he could be losing the title in a build-up to Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

Predicted Winner: Undertaker
All said and done, it got to be Undertaker. Though deep down, I'm rooting for the all-around tremendously talented wrestler available on the roster (this other side of HBK, that is), Chris Jericho. He can definitely do a more-than-decent Ladder Match, for sure.

Batista vs. Rey Mysterio

Last month's PPV, Bragging Rights, had a surprisingly good match. That would be the Fatal Four Way between Taker, Batista, Rey and Punk. It was decently pulled, appropriately timed and sufficiently fitted with all the nice spots. As with all great matches, a great finish, with Taker "tombstoning" Batista. And as a surprise to everyone but us (well, we do saw that coming. Here's the proof.), Batista turned heel. And what a heel turn that was, with Batista providing all the great performance you could have for a heel turn and Rey eating it all up. And with almost confirmed news of Rey's wicked knee problem, there is little doubt of the kind of match we will be watching.

Predicted Winners: Batista
Coming off his frustrating run of defeats, Batista is going to win this match with numerous Batista Bombs, overpowering Rey into his next rehab, and cements his role as the primary heel on Smackdown, what with Punk stepping down to a significantly lesser role (Damn, it is a pain to offend the management).

Team Kingston vs. Team Orton (Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match)

The earlier mentioned unwritten rule, in all common senses, does not apply to mix-and-match tag team matches as such. That said, Kingston got quite a killer push, demolishing Orton last RAW. A prominent sign of the result, I will say, given Randy Orton's series of defeats.

Predicted Winners: Team Orton
Kofi Kingston is definitely down for a fight, while the rest are quite simply put, midcards thrown in for good measures. We are likely to see Kingston playing the lone survivor role who got defeated still, in order for the feud to move on to the Singles Match between Orton and Kingston.

Team Morrison vs. Team Miz (Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match)

Okay, the sequel to last month's Miz VS Morrison got bigger and badder, with the involvement of more pedestrian midcards, but that does not mean it is better.

Well, word is, all titles will be unified soon enough for a kickass Wrestlemania. (Great. I always hated that Barbie doll Diva Champion Belt.) And with next PPV's theme, chances of a finale of this feud between former teammates, Miz and Morrison, is probably an US/Intercontinental Championship unification match in the form of a Ladder Match. Well, if only.

If not, and there will be no reason for Miz and Morrison to continue this feud, with both champions on different show.

Predicted Winners: Team Morrison
No matter which way this feud is going, John Morrison had to pull one back, after getting defeated unceremoniously by Miz last month. And just so that Miz can get back to his much-harassed feud with Swagger.

Team Mickie vs. Team Michelle (Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match)

A booking most weird, with Michelle McCool, the women’s champion on Smackdown, captaining one team with the other babyface team captained by, no, not Melina, the reigning women's champion on RAW, but Michelle McCool's rival and number-one contender, Mickie James. Using a match that involves ten women (and divas or whatever they called their female wrestlers these days) to further the feud behind an upcoming woman's champion match? That goes a long way to tell you how the WWE management is thinking of the women's faction. Ten women and no Natalia Neidhart?

Predicted Winners: Team Mickie
Since the heel is already the reigning champion, why not a boost for the babyface number-one contender?


The Rundown
All in all, a strong card with this PPV, and a decent build-up, probably due to being given more time than the previous few shows, what with the three-week gaps between shows behind us. A great mix of traditional Survivor Series elimination matches and intriguing Main Events with storylines.


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