Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne In May

Posted by Grey Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Come on, face it. How in the blue hell can Bruce Wayne stayed away from the spotlight in DCU for long?

It was never a question of whether the Caped Crusader can make his way back or not. Only a question of how long it is going to take. Nothing, not even death can stop the Batman.

While all Bat Maniac mourned at the beginning of 2009 when the original Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne, seemingly died at the hands of Darkseid, in the penultimate chapter of Final Crisis. However, Grant Morrison, the writer of Final Crisis, left no stone unturned, when it was shown in the epilogue that Bruce is well and alive, albeit trapped right at the beginning of time.

A rare period unlike anything we have seen occurred this time. A new Batman is running the business and the readers are actually buying it (unlike the abysmal job Azrael did back in the 90s). But everybody saw it coming: Bruce Wayne will be back and regain his mantle as the one true Dark Knight.

Last December, DC made no pretensions regarding this fact. Announcing a forthcoming 6-issue limited series beginning in May 2010, with a title that just can't get anymore straight forward: Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. Written by Grant Morrison and featuring a team of rotating artists including Chris Sprouse and Frazer Irving among others, as well as Andy Kubert as the chief designer and cover artist of the series, which will detail the long journey Bruce Wayne takes across the timestream of the DC Universe after being deposited in the distant past by Darkseid's Omega Sanction in Final Crisis.

Lately in the Batman Family comic line, the central plotline has been the investigation of Wayne's status with the profound discovery that the corpse Superman found during Final Crisis does not belong to the original Caped Crusader. In addition, the uncovering of artifacts of the Wayne's patrilineage by Alfred has made Damian noticed a recurring "Bat" theme in many of these portraits, thereby deducing that his father is stuck in time and is using clues in the past to help his proteges and Alfred recover him back.

Running for six issues, the series will be covering a different time period with each issues, with genres such as the prehistorical, the witch hunts, pirates at sea, the wild west, 50s detective noir, and present day Gotham being covered.

As much as this seemed be a gimmick taken straight out of another Elseworld yarn, bear in mind that the entire series have been imagined by the one and only, Grant Morrison.

Courtesy of IGN, let's take a look at the Batman of different eras.

The Caveman

The Puritan

The Pirate

The Cowboy

The Private Eye

The Original Batman(?)

The six covers, being similarly themed, can interconnect with each other to form one image.

For more in depth details, complete with an elaborate interviews with both Morrison and Kubert on the project, do check out the featured article from IGN.

There's some other cool stuffs, including pencil sketches (like those below) and an unused Top Hat Batman in Victorian era.


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