Marvel: Siege Preview

Posted by Grey Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Will our favorite sidekick, Bucky pull the trigger on this one, ending the Dark Reign with a bang, literally?

The 616 Marvel Universe is indeed in perilous hands (in an obviously good way, of course) with Brian Michael Bendis laying his master-plan putting both Marvel heroes and villains through unprecedented tumultuous time.

Signs of the bad times were hinted with Nick Fury's disappearance after his failed invasion on Latveria in "Secret War". Next up, Avengers met their maker, in the form of one of their very own, Scarlet Witch, and as a result, got disbanded in "Avengers Disassembled". "House of M" took over, as Wanda, ever the Witch at the peak of her bitchiness, creates a world where every heroes gets what they really hoped for. That's nice. So what's this bitchiness about? The whole fiasco ended with her decimating the mutant population of Marvel Universe to a very catchy 198. Then came the killer twist in this deadly path spiral downward , "Civil War", where villains took a back seat as heroes clashes and ending with Captain America's (supposed) demise. Following this, Hulk returns with a vengeance, with his space allies at side, started a war on superheroes in "World War Hulk". "Secret Invasion" then took over, revealing the Skrull's master-plan all this while and culminated with the "Dark Reign" of Norman Osborn, who as a result of being the war hero that ended the Skrull's invasion, was given the master-key to SHIELD, Avengers and Tony Stark's technologies. A cabal of supervillains were formed, featuring a who's who of Marvel's worse, Doctor Doom, Namor, The Hood, Emma Frost and Loki himself (or herself). Osborn, ever the psycho on the edge of his sanity, has fired his last shot at complete control, targeting Asgard, now floating over Latveria, as his final mission. (For more details on this complicating lines of events leading towards Siege, check out

With the inevitable fallout between Doom and Osborn, it seems like everything is in its right place for Osborn's reign to end. Thor, though exiled from Asgard for killing his grandfather, Bor (another trick by Loki), has repaired Mjolnir, with the help of Dr. Strange. Iron Man, okay, that's a little sticky due to him being in a state of vegetable after a severe beating from Osborn. But then again, the original Captain America, Steve Rogers has been revived effortlessly.

With the Big Three of Avengers assembled at last, prepare for a superhero fanfest with this one. Head over to IGN's six page preview for a glimpse on this prelude of the return of great heroic age.

Brian Michael Bendis will be writing this while Olivier Coipel provides the art. Scheduled to run as a limited 4 issue series, with tons of tie-ins everywhere else (From the Avengers titles to Punisher), Siege #1 will be published on January 6, 2010.

Marvel had also released a lead-in issue entitled Siege: The Cabal, written by Bendis and drawn by Michael Lark, that depicted the battle between Doom and Osborn.

Many promotional images have been released by Marvel, giving the Marvel Zombies much to speculate, other than the one right above where Bucky, the new Captain America, ponders over pulling the trigger on Osborn.

The eventual father-and-son showdown between Wolverine and Daken.

Thor will definitely be in a fix too.

The much-anticipated face-off between Cap and Shellhead ever since Civil War.
Will Spidey gets the final blow on Osborn, en route of the sendoff? Afterall, Osborn is a core Spider-man villain.

The most interesting promo image had to be this one. Who is Norman Osborn's secret protector? My gut feeling tells me it's no one on this picture.

As the secret protector seemed to be, in an anti-climax way, The Void, evidently so based on this image of Sentry. We'll see.

Finally, a trailer on the event.


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