Shaolin Vs. Muay Thai

Posted by Grey Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The pseudo "real life" feud between Thailand's Muay Thai Fighters and China's Shaolin Warrior has concluded in the only way such intense pugilistic rivalry can:

A slobberknocker.

Held in Foshan, Southern China’s Guangdong province (better known to the world at large as the birthplace of the legendary martial artist, Wong Fei Hong) on December 19th, the five-on-five battle royale between Thailand's Muay Thai Fighters and China's Shaolin Warrior started like any other 70s old school action flicks you can imagine: A bunch of "famous" professional Thai Boxers, well-versed in the mundane art of Muay Thai came to China, and declared their intention to wipe out the prestigious Shaolin Monastery, long associated and reputed as the birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu.

Some thrash-talking ensues, like some run-of-the-mill wrestling drama.

"Shaolin kungfu is a lie by these monks to Chinese Buddhists, and Chinese kungfu is nothing compared with ours," said one of the five Thai boxers who is ready to take on masters from the famous temple.

"If they accept our challenge, we'll win 5 to 0."

In vintage peaceful Buddhist monk fashion you can find in those B action flicks, Zheng Shumin, a representative of the temple, told the Chinese press.

"In the history of Shaolin Temple, we never challenge or agree to fight others," said Zheng.

Enter the Emei Clan (or rather the Emei Martial Arts Association), rising to the chllenge, claiming this challenge one that "any kungfu practitioner with a sense of justice should face". Before any of you break into some twisted fascination thinking that this is gonna be some inter-gender guy-on-girl slugfest, think again. Emei, is in fact a Martial Arts Association like any other, not like what Wuxia scribe Jin Yong had depicted in his series of novels where it was portrayed as a female-only clan.

After much back-and-forth hullabaloo from both Chinese and Thai opponents, it was finally reported that members from both Shaolin and Emei will appear in the Pay Per View Event of the year, in five solo matches between fighters from both countries.

The result? 4-1, to the face, Team Shaolin wins.

And if you are feeling thrilled that such a dramatic pugilistic event could have happened in reality, then get out of here and watch more superior sports entertainment out there, leagues ahead of this facetious nonsensical Sanda match in the guise of some 60s B-graded action flicks.

Maybe Vince McMahon can consider a trip to the far east for his next WWE tour? He could have earn everyone's paycheck by resorting to his usual schtick, the patriot card.

* Do note that sources are mainly in Mandarin, and they are embedded below.

  1. Anonymous Said,

    real shaolin would not fight in the ring, im fairly certain of that

    Posted on June 18, 2012 at 8:55 AM

  2. The arduous nature of Thai Boxing creates a strong mind that is courageous, intelligent and disciplined. Due to the rigorous nature of the training and the matches, Thai boxers develop courage, determination and self-confidence. Boxing in Connecticut

    Posted on August 15, 2015 at 2:19 AM


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