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Posted by Grey Sunday, February 21, 2010

No more No Way Out.

No Way Out, being the last WWE Pay-Per-View (PPV) right before the big one and therefore enjoying the status of traditionally one of the most surprise-filled game changing event of the year, has gotten a new name despite having the same concept.

Get ready for a wild ride with this one.

Being one of the most short-lived event title (created in 1998, rebranded in 2000, and now dead in the water), WWE No Way Out, as compared to the other filler PPVs, has always had a special place in the hearts of fans. While that special place is by no means equivalent to the "Big Four" (WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series, of which demise was recently reported), it stands head over heel when compared to the other events.

For the simple reason that it served as the last PPV before WrestleMania, and as a result became the perfect place for scripted title-changes, last-minute storyline amendment, and the central resting point on the Road To WrestleMania. The Royal Rumble did its part of informing us who will be headlining WrestleMania, and with No Way Out, we can have a greater glimpse of things to come. Just to point out some of the more illuminant examples of great No Way Out moment due to the aforementioned factors:

1) 2000: The hellacious Hell In A Cell where Triple H battled Cactus Jack and successfully defended his WWF Championship.
Significance: This is probably one of the most brutal HIAC match ever, raising the bar and carving its reputation right up there in the violence meter. A reputation utterly soiled in this PG days.

Multiple steel chair shots? Check.

2x4 with barbed wire wrapped all around it and set on fire? Yeah, bloody check.

Wall of cell literally ripped open by repeated shots from ring steps? A double whammy bloody check. That's one move you don't get to see to see these days.

2) 2002: Chris Jericho defeated Steve Austin and continuing his Undisputed Championship reign,
Significance: Y2J managed to pull through with his second PPV title defence only after run-in interference from the returning New World Order (nWo) that was "unleashed" by Vince McMahon. The nWo, incidentally the abbreviation of No Way Out. The incident served as a lead-in to the Austin/Hall bout at WrestleMania X8.

3) 2004: Eddie Guerrero defeated Brock Lesnar for his first ever WWE Championship reign.
Significance: Eddie Guerrero's first and sadly, only World Championship reign kicked off right here, parts in due to Goldberg's run-in interference attacking Lesnar, leading to the much-anticipated, but ultimately disappointing match-up between the two powerhouse in WrestleMania XX.

Nostalgia aside, No Way Out has evolved since 2008, predominantly featuring Elimination Chamber Matches to suit its PPV title. This year, in keeping with WWE's renewed initiative to provide its PPVs with an unique (so to say) gimmick and a total facelift, the PPV title officially changed. If you think this does not made any sense, wait till you see what other new PPV title we have for the rest of the year:

Wild Card, replacing Judgment Day in May, 2010
Fatal Four Way, replacing the The Bash in June, 2010
Money in the Bank (!), replacing Night of Champions in July, 2010

The horror. By the way, the reason why this Elimination Chamber taking over the No Way Out concept suits WWE so fine? Just so that they can afford to make supposed reputable superstars to lose their title in a relatively strong way that will not negate their momentum, and they can have a pick of five other potential champion, greatly helping out their convenient scripting.

Anyway, The Daily Zombie's WWE PPV Prediction for Royal Rumble was a blast with an almost perfect hit rate with the exception that Edge was the fourth choice we pick for winning the rumble. Not bad at all. Let's check out this upcoming one.

World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match

CM Punk, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, Chris Jericho and The Undertaker, the defending champion.

The reason why this match is getting the top spot here at The Daily Zombie is the simple fact that it just plain out being better booked, with better myriad of wrestlers involved, and quite simply, better wrestler at work here. Employing what we mentioned earlier regarding the theory of making champions losing their titles but still looking good to this match here made perfect sense. The Undertaker will lose his title here, what with all the writings on the wall with regard to Y2J completing his feud with the returning Edge. In the meantime, CM Punk, in his increasingly enjoyable role of a heel saviour, is poised to have a major feud with Mysterio; while R-Truth has a new student at hand, with his role at WWE NXT. One interesting point to note: Morrison's worked injury might be a lead-in for Shawn Michaels (forcing his way in to face Taker) or Batista (who has no match at the PPV, as yet, and thus could be cashing out some promise from Vince McMahon for being his lackey).

Either way, my money is on...

Predicted Winner: Chris Jericho
Finally, it's good old Y2J's turn in the limelight. Appropriate reward for one of the most consistently great performer with an equally great work rate. Just like what he said in his promo: The best at what he does. A few hiccups here and there expected, though.

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, Kofi Kingston and Sheamus, the defending champion.

The more unpredictable match of the two main events. Cena is almost guaranteed a cross-brand match-up with Batista, and likewise for Orton and Dibiase (with probably Cody Rhodes thrown for a Legacy fiesta). Kingston, whom is simply put, not in the world title picture, as yet, is here to fill in the number. Which leaves us with Triple H and his current BFF and incidentally, the current champion, Sheamus.

The quality of this match should be just fine, and will no doubt be better than last year's RAW bout (what the hell was Mike Knox doing there?).

Predicted Winner: Sheamus
It seems almost fixed that Triple H will be facing his BFF in the upcoming WrestleMania XXVI. And it will only make more sense if he were to do it as a challenger, instead of the champion.

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Kane

An absolute fill-in match, which can serve as the perfect toilet break, if not for the next match-up.

Predicted Winner: Drew McIntyre
It's time for the Big Red Machine to... job. Again.

Gail Kim vs. Maryse (Divas Championship Match)

Yes, the real perfect toilet break. Gail Kim certainly has her moves, but too bad, it's the WWE here. Maryse is suitably villainous enough to play the heel champion for others to challenge, but with both the Women Titles being such total throw-aways that they had not been featured on WrestleManias for some time, there's really no room for any half-baked speculations.

Predicted Winners: Maryse
Because the name is shorter... Er, no, because it made more storyline-sense.


The Rundown

With the conspicuously few matches lined up, be prepared for a few surprises as this one go along. The continuation of the Road To WrestleMania XXVI is likely to be chockful of intriguing twists and turns. Don't miss out on this one. Despite the terrible title.

Meanwhile, I have a theory on why The Miz is "mentoring" Bryan Danielson over at WWE NXT. In fact, it's such a no-brainer that I won't call it a theory. More on that one later.


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