Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll

Posted by Grey Thursday, March 4, 2010

On the back of the release of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, a news of the upcoming little darkly offering from Marilyn Manson.

A part of Marilyn Manson's Celebritarian Corporation art movement, Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll will be Marilyn Manson's directorial debut, featuring Marilyn Manson himself as Lewis Carroll, Lily Cole (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus) as Alice, Evan Rachel Wood as Alice's alter ego and British actress Tilda Swinton as Lewis Carroll's dream wife.

Announced since late 2007, the final fate of the film is still unknown with Manson vaguely stating of "very unconventional" way of the film's first release, and the rumor that the film will be made available through Manson's official website.

Till now, Manson had made numerous comments about the film.

"I want to take the children's story that we all know, and discover the horrifying roots that grow beneath every one of its childish metaphors. The characters may be absurd and wrapped in puzzles, but the author himself is the story that I find painfully close to me. Lewis Carroll is far more complex than the world's narrow perception of him as a quiet deacon, a mathematician and a loner, simply obsessed with photographing young girls. He was possibly one of the most divided souls living in his own hell that the world has overlooked."

"It's about Lewis Carroll and how he became a persona much more bizarre and elaborate than Marilyn Manson. Charles Dodgson was his real name, and he was a person who had a tortured inability to find love and to find happiness in his life, and his story is one of great depression. It's one of a split personality - a person who was deaf in his right ear and left-handed. He was a mathematician and an artist, a deacon in a church who believed in evolution."

"I felt like there were a lot of things about his personality that were like mine. His creativity thrived mostly at night. He was a very odd person. In the past year, just putting together the script, I think I've adopted a lot of his personality, whether for better or for worse. I discovered that Charles Dodgson, who called himself Lewis Carroll, was more of a creation than his stories were. He was very much a Jekyll and Hyde story, and the more I looked into it, the more (I realized) this was a ghost story, really. He was haunted by his own demons and had a split personality in a lot of ways. He couldn't find happiness; he couldn't find a family. He didn't sleep. I think that he was seeing things. You start seeing things differently, stuff that normal people don't see - stuff that I have seen now and again. I think I was able to relate to that and to want to put it on the screen."


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