Seduce A SuicideGirl: App Attack

Posted by Grey Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not an April's Fool joke.

Now you can date and even make out with a bona fide SuicideGirl. Well, kind of. On an iPhone.

Okay, we admit that we are indeed kind of too late to deliver an App Attack for Seduce A SuicideGirl, an app that was released way back in October.

Nevertheless, perhaps indicative of the flawed iTunes Store system, we have only managed to stumbled upon this one lately, and oddly enough, through mediums that had nothing to do with an iPhone. Which in no ways handicapped this little cool app that cost you just 99cents to simulate a date with Zoli, the cool SuicideGirl. For those unfamiliar with the term "SuicideGirls", well, there's always wikipedia, but in short, they SuicideGirls is a website featuring many unique, though somewhat softcore pin-up-style photos and text profiles of goth, punk and indie-styled young women who themselves are known as the "Suicide Girls". And yes, they are definitely NSFW.

While not exactly your old man's Hentai-esque Dating Simulator Game, this little unique app set you on a collision course with Zoli, in a (where else) comic shop. For those determined to try their hand at an electronic relationship, do bear in mind that, like real human relationship, sometimes it's not always about the right choice.

One intriguing fact is that the app is written by Anthony Zuiker, creator of the CSI franchise, who is himself a prominent member of the fraternity, having featured the SuicideGirls on an earlier episode of CSI: NY.


Seduce a SuicideGirl
Category: Entertainment
Price: $0.99
Released: Oct 16, 2009
Size: 67.0 MB
Seller: SuicideGirls
Latest version: 1.0



Meet the sexy Zoli Suicide in a comic book shop and—if you make the right choices—you will get a sexy, 17+ make-out session with her (it’s not that racy, but it’s cute). Make the wrong choices and get shot down by a SuicideGirl in 10 different humiliating ways!

Shot and created specifically for the iPhone & iPod Touch, This is the Suicide Girls version of a Japanese Dating Sim or one of those kids books where you could choose what happened next by making different choices. A little funny, a little sexy, and maybe a little goofy, this is the closest you will get to dating a sexy girl who lives inside your iPhone.

Written by Anthony Zuiker, creator of the CSI franchise, and starring those naughty, internet, art-sleaze superstars the SuicideGirls.

We want to make a few more of these, so please let us know in the feedback what we should do differently in the next episode or what SuicideGirl you’d like to see in it. Thanks for the cash! We’re going to spend it all on strippers!


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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