Shark Attack 3: Megalodon: Direct-To-Video Hell

Posted by Grey Friday, April 23, 2010

So who's the shark now?

You thought you knew the plot.

Well, Wikipedia thought they knew.

Shark Attack 3: Megalodon is a 2002 direct-to-video South African film directed by David Worth, starring John Barrowman and Jennifer McShane. It is a sequel to the film Shark Attack 2. The story of this movie is based on the idea of the continued existence of a prehistoric super-predator called the Megalodon.

Until I stumbled upon the cheesy flick on late night TV.

Ben Carpenter (John Barrowman) is a scuba diver cum coast guard cum a lot of thing. Cat Stone (Jennifer McShane) is a museum curator cum historian cum marine research scientist (amongst many other cums, I'm certain). They met each other after a gigantic and supposedly prehistoric shark started terrorizing the waters off the coast of Mexico (in fact the flick was shot in South Africa.) The rest is the usual C'movie stuffs.

That is, before the single one scene where the "shark" moves in for the "attack". I couldn't believe what I witnessed and immediately plunged into youtube and wikipedia to ascertain it. To my surprise, this scene has already single-handedly immortalized the 2002 (unbelivably too. I swore it must have been made in the 80s) flick long before I even heard of the film franchise.

You have to see it to believe it.

For some reason, the embedding was disabled by request. So you will have to check out the link for the complete real deal. For those really lazy, you can check out the embedded one below though you will be missing out the resonant final sequence.

For those who still don't get it, Let's put it in words.

After a long hard day, Ben Carpenter is walking Cat Stone to her car.

Cat Stone: "I'm exhausted."

Ben Carpenter: "Yeah, Me too. But, you know I’m really wired. What do you say I, take you home and eat your PUSSY?"

And guessed what, the lamest line ever scored. Big time. Just so you know who's the "shark" in the title "Shark Attack". He's fucking EATING her pussy.

The below information was from the youtube link:

According to John Barrowman, he was directed to say anything to get a certain reaction out of his costar. This is what he came up with (nope, it wasn't in the script). He thought that this bit would be edited out, but it never was!

The fucker actually improvised his line. What a shark.


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