Gamers interested in getting the Collector's Edition of Splinter Cell: Conviction, might just get a chance with fate.

With Xbox 360 exclusive, Splinter Cell: Conviction released in North America shipping in next week, many fans have pre-ordered the Collector's Edition which included many exclusive goodies, listed as follows, complete with the official promos:

CUSTOM USB DRIVE - This credit card–sized 3rd Echelon USB drive can stealthily fit in your wallet, is compatible with Xbox 360, and is loaded to the max with exclusive content you won't find anywhere else, including:
• Full-length 'Making of Splinter Cell Conviction' video
• Wallpaper
• Concept art
• Renders
• Screenshots
• Storyboards
• And more…

• Relive the best of Splinter Cell from past to present. This comprehensive hard-bound art book by Prima(TM) includes detailed art from the original Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, Chaos Theory, Double Agent, and Conviction, as well as in-depth commentary and notes from the developers.

• Gain first access to the MP5-SD3, a lethal close-quarters submachine gun with an integrated suppressor.
• Customize your multiplayer character with an exclusive 3rd Echelon outfit.

COLLECTIBLE DECALS - Available only in the Collector's Edition are two unique Xbox 360 decal stickers.
• 3rd Echelon Logo Decal
• Iconic Bullet Hole Decal

• Watch the sequence of events preceding Splinter Cell Conviction unfold before your eyes in this one of a kind digital Splinter Cell comic book.

• Premium embossed metallic steel case packaging with iconic imagery.

Originally priced at $79.99, the Splinter Cell Conviction Collector's Edition just got cheaper. Published Ubisoft has announced that they will slash $10 from its initially suggested retail price. (The game is also available as a $60 standalone product.)

Before you start harboring any thoughts that Ubisoft is pulling some fan appreciation stunts, there's an absolutely legitimate reason for the "charitable" act: According to Gamespot, Ubisoft representatives have, through a "random sampling" of the custom USB drives included in the Collector's Edition, found many of them "defective". Do note that a representative for the publisher emphasized that not all USB drives included in the package had problems, but declined to say what percentage would not work properly. The rep also declined to say what is exactly wrong with the USB drives, saying, "We do not have that information at this time."

As the game will be released next week, Ubisoft has decided against removing the defective USB drive from the pack. For die-hard fans dying to have their hands on the bonux content promised on the USB drive, fret not. Ubisoft will be releasing details on how to receive the bonus content included on defective USB drives on the game's official Web site on April 15th (Thursday).

Anyway, gamers getting the Collector's Edition will get to play chance with fate to see if they will get a shot at a fully functioning USB drive and therefore, a $10 saving.


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