WWE Over the Limit Preview

Posted by Grey Sunday, May 23, 2010

Welcome to yet another WWE PPV preview. And for this month, the gimmick is...

"Over The Limit", eh? With this brand new pay-per-view, every match will be a contest where opponents challenge each other's limit by taking part in 100 meters splint... No, oh wait, every match will be a beer drinking contest where every WWE superstar will be taken to their alcohol limit. The first person to fail the blood alcohol content breath-test will ... No, wait, not that one too. They are probably saving that for yet another test for the NXT rookies. Here's something new for a bloody long time... There's no gimmick-theme in this one. So what's with the name? Maybe for the reason that Edge looked so cool with his running stance that he impressed the WWE management.

Back in the the pro-wrestling world, TNA has indeed made the utmost advantage of the post-mania lull, by ...reverting their Monday night programming back to Thursday nights. That is one hell of a typically incredible strategy the likes that only TNA can come out with, evident from the weekly abysmal method they booked the shows. And word is, they are going through a process to streamline the top-heavy roster by 15% to 20%. It is obvious that the lower-card TNA veterans (needless to say, the main X-Division guys) are most likely the targeted ones to be laid off. And all that in order to secure the pay check of "action figure in human form', Rob Terry, "Golddust Ver. 2.0, but the real deal", Orlando Jordan, and the slowest tag-team in TNA history, "The Band". Tough luck, guys. Latest online rumor (well this one is started by Dixie Carter herself) is that TNA is getting their hands on recently released former WWE Woman's Champion Mickie James. Just can't help laying their hands on products with an expired "WWE" stamp on them, not even in the face of an ongoing retrenchment.

Meanwhile, in the face of the gigantic hole left by Shawn Michaels's retirement, Triple H's absence (to make his feature film), Undertaker's usual semi-retirement, many midcard performers from both SmackDown and RAW got their opportunity to rise to the occasion after the dusts of the draft settles in. With "Over The Limit", we will see how WWE's new plan work.

Before we move on with the full preview, let's take a short look at the result of The Daily Zombie's WWE PPV Prediction for last month's Extreme Rules. To the surprise of no one, we scored an almost perfect 6 out of 7. Let's see how our deadly accuracy roll with this one.

And as usual, this is where we go all long-winded on you by asking you to note that: Next month's PPV will also be a new one, and this one's called "Fatal 4 Way". So, the gimmick is a throw-away, and will most probably contained matches from this card and merge them into a four-way dance. And that fact actually factored into our little prediction game here.

On ahead with the game.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Batista ("I Quit" Match)

While the build-up to this match at this late moment of the feud remained to be pretty tight given its high profile status, the stipulation does not make any sense to me.

Will Cena say "I QUIT"?
The question should be will Cena ever say "I QUIT". The entire concept of the Cena character screams "I WILL NOT QUIT" (insert your favorite "Cena and his gritty look" moment). And in fact, that is one of a few things you can find in that "PGTV" Superman personality along with some other naive features.

So will Batista say "I QUIT"?
That is the question WWE writers are planning for all fans to be asking. But guess what, it has already been answered back in episode one of the feud. Remember how I have belittled the WrestleMania finish between Cena and Batista? It hurt the Animal's credibility then and now, damn, it answer the question. Batista, by tapping out like a wailing baby, already said "I QUIT" before. Blame the writers for their collective amnesia.

Nevertheless, being the concluding battle of a major feud, the quality of this match should be fine.

Predicted Winner: John Cena
With Batista set to disappear due to his WWE contract issue, all hopes for a monster heel champ for all up-and-coming face contenders to feud with is gone. All you will be having is the chick-and-kid magnet, John Cena. Pretty grim future there, huh. The signs are all there with Sheamus being the next in line to be served.

World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger vs. Big Show

While the reigning champion, Swagger, is considered to be the underdog here, this match-up could be yet another building process for The All-American American. Consistently solid in all his matches last month, Swagger is one of the selected few who have benefited greatly from the aforementioned HBK-shaped hole which resulted in the elevation of midcard superstars. With his academic arrogance, Swagger has so far garnered the most heat in SmackDown, this side of CM Punk and his SES.

Big Show, in yet another one of those quick-face-turn of his (he can do quick-heel-turn just as nice) came to the rescue of severely hurting-in-the-star-power SmackDown as a monster face. While a match-up between the two is definitely a serious clash of styles, this match should be just fine.

Predicted Winner: Jack Swagger
The heel champ angle is building up fine so we can expect the champion reign of the All-American American to continue. Big Show in his monster face role will be practically unhurt by any defeat while maintaining the same level of menace.

Randy Orton vs. Edge

With The Clash Of The Canadians ending on a somewhat abrupt note, Edge went through another blink-and-you-will-missed-it heel turn and has been elevated to another main event level feud. Well, if it isn't exactly a main event here, why am I calling a main event level feud? That is for the fact that the hottest WWE superstar is in the face role of this one. Orton, hotly rejuvenated as the next Stone Cold Steve Austin, has been garnering a great amount of face reaction from fans. Which brought all the more resonance when Edge, in his heel-turn performance, complained about fans not supporting him while he's acting in a face role while supporting Orton when he's still the same old psychotic prick. Art certainly imitates life here in the pro-wrestling land.

Expect drama with this one from the two former Rated RKO teammates, which should be good. Anyway, the rematch of this one should be coming in the form a Fatal 4 Way for the WWE title with Sheamus tagging along next month.

Predicted Winner: Edge
A hard one to predict, and in fact one of two of the hardest-to-predict match-ups here. Both opponents needed the win to pump their respective momentum after earlier defeat. However, I am of the view that Orton will not be hurt by a screw-job finish by Edge. That, will ensure that the feud can be continue. This one sure have the potential to do lots of mileage.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk (S.E.S. Pledge vs. Hair Match)

Punk/Mysterio Part III proves to be an exercise in professional wrestling writing, keeping a well-executed feud alive while ensuring fans are kept satisfied. After Mysterio almost joining Punk in his Straight Edge Society (SES) during their first encounter in WrestleMania XXVI, Punk risked his hair in the follow-up encounter in last month's Extreme Rules, and now both stipulations are up in this supposed final encounter.

Last month's match-up was better than the first encounter during WrestleMania XXVI for that both skilled veterans were given a fairer amount of time to compete. With this one being in fact the fourth encounter in the feud (they actually had a rematch in one of the TV match in SmackDown), both should be experienced enough to make sure the feud can conclude in a big way.

In addition, be prepare for the reveal of the masked man (much rumored to be Joey Mercury) who had been helping Punk. They might kick off Mysterio's next feud right here.

Predicted Winners: CM Punk
This is the other one of the two hardest-to-predict match-ups that I mentioned earlier. Storyline-wise, it made a lot more sense for Mysterio to join the SES for more engaging plot to be churned out. Not to mention the fact that I still hold dear to my opinion that Punk's current look is just appropriately cool enough for his current role as the Charles Manson of pro-wrestling. However, we have not seen an instance in wrestling history where you tease the fans for a haircut two PPVs in a roll and not delivering what they want.

All things considered, I'll still wager on Punk to win.

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston

McIntyre's "Chosen One' storyline advanced quite a bit into its next chapter with a major "firing" and "stripping" of his Intercontinental Championship by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long which were overwritten by Vince McMahon himself on the following week. With Kingston drafted to SmackDown, it is highly expected that he is promised some big results in SmackDown, but the question is if the Intercontinental Championship is big enough for his ambition.

McIntyre's wrestling style has been pretty much on the dry end, while Kingston is among some of the most athletic worker on the roster. With a decent amount of effort, this one could turn out to be better than one might imagined.

Predicted Winners: McIntyre
This is quite a call to made, as it is very likely that Kingston will win this one and continue the feud with McIntyre as a defending champion. However, considering the mileage they could be getting out of McIntyre and his "Chosen One" storyline, it might not be wise to close the angle down now.

Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty vs. The Miz & Chris Jericho

As I try hard not to think that the Hard Dynasty was only rewarded the Unified Tag Team Championship because WWE happened to be making their annual trip down Canada and Bret Hart happened to have tagged along, the break-up of Showmiz still come a bit too abrupt. Nevertheless, as a fall out of the angle, we see an ultra-smartass team rise: Jericho and The Miz, both of whom were interestingly involved in a twitter feud where both wrote unceremonious stuffs about each other both in character and in reality. While having Jericho not in a serious contender position might be somewhat puzzling to some, the smartass tag team formed to win the Unified Tag Team Championship just so that they can head over to SmackDown to teach Big Show a lesson for treating them poorly, is quite an novelty idea, as far as wrestling writing is concerned.

The Hart Dynasty, consisting of David Hart Smith, the son of British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith and Diana Hart, and Tyson Kidd, whom have no blood relations to the Harts but a former pupil in Stu Hart's Dungeon and the real-life boyfriend of WWE Diva Natalya Neidhart, the daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and Ellie Hart, who also happened to be the third member of the faction. Starting out as a minor heel team, the Hart Dynasty was recently transformed via the magical rub of dear uncle Bret Hart, making a face turn and even winning their first ever championship.

Both superstar, though young in their career, are relatively good enough to have an entertaining match with Miz and Jericho. Anything to further the development of the stale tag team division is welcome.

Predicted Winners: The Miz & Chris Jericho
Just so that they can lend some much-needed star power to SmackDown, The Miz and Jericho would be great to have at SmackDown, no offence to the Hart Dynasty.

R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase

One of those midcard feuds that made it to the PPV that I mentioned earlier. Now fully developed in his renewed "Million Dollar Man, Jr." gimmick, Ted DiBiase Jr. started a feud with R-Truth when he was out scouting African-American man to be his very own "Virgil". Bound to incite racial tension, the feud further elevated when the one and only original Virgil returns as the, well, "Virgil" of Junior.

Filler stuffs that might just be watchable. Nothing as bad as the next one, for sure.

Predicted Winners: Ted DiBiase Jr.
Since they are building the new and improved Million Dollar Man here, that's what you'll get.

Divas Champion Eve vs. Maryse

With Beth Phoenix out at such crucial time where fully-functional WWE divas are scarce, oh wait, you are asking what is the functions of a WWE divas? Well, for starters, look good and can wrestle. Can the current WWE divas wrestle? I rest my case. The quick Woman's Championship title switch were somehow surprising when they put the title on Layla. With both Layla and McCool sporting identical Woman's Champion belt, get ready for the break-up angle for WWE's answer to TNA's Beautiful People.

On the other end, RAW's resident symbol of girl power pales in comparison. It's Eve's turn to hold the Diva title and the storyline, if any, is probably inexistent anyway.

Oh, and the match-up here, well, it's bathroom-break stuff.

Predicted Winners: Maryse
She looked better with the title, heel antics and then some. Obviously, this is a wild shot.


The Rundown

With two of the matches being the generally feud-ending third installment of an ongoing feud, this PPV is marginally more interesting then Extreme Rules from last month. Given the diminished state in terms of star power, this strong card is indicative of the potential of WWE's next generation superstars.


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