Metal Gear Solid: Rising At E3 2010

Posted by Grey Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The story of how Raiden became cool is going to be cool. Insanely. Cool.

First announced at the Microsoft press conference during last year's E3 with a teaser trailer, Konami along with Kojima Productions revisited the much-anticipated next installment in the critically acclaimed stealth action series as Hideo Kojima, creator of the "Metal Gear Solid" series, and the game's lead designer, Mineshi Kimura, unveiled a new trailer comprising both CG cutscene and and gameplay footage.

What's Raiden doing with the luminous object that looked conspicuously like a spine? Sucking out all kinds of coolness into himself, apparently.

An interquel bridging the gap between Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, as shown in last year's announcement trailer will be featuring everybody's most hated androgynous protagonist(Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty)-turned-superduper kickass cyber ninja (in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots), Raiden. To accommodate the change of protagonist, the series' tagline, "Tactical Espionage Action", has been replaced by "Lightning Bolt Action", as the name, raiden (雷電) is literally "thunder and lightning" in Japanese.

The gameplay, however, will still be focused on stealth action, though the latter, "action" will be even further featured, as indicated by creative producer Shigenobu Matsuyama. Swordfighting action, in particular, as Raiden is indeed a sword-wielding homicidal badass. That said, stealth elements will still play a major role to emphasize Raiden's considerable speed and agility. Director Mineshi Kimura has also stated that Rising would carry on the series tradition of encouraging players to progress through the game without killing, noting that there is a moral difference between attacking cyborgs or robots and attacking human beings, and that there's a "certain virtue to simply disabling your enemies instead of killing them."

A key gameplay feature titled zan-datsu (斬奪), which is Japanese for "cut and take" literally), were highlighted in the E3 trailer where Raiden dismembered and tore off a luminous, glowing mechanical spine from a cyborg enemy, and proceed to crush the spine, not before seemingly absorbing the energy from it. Both Kimura and Matsuyama have hinted that Raiden will be able to cut through cyborgs and mechs and claim the guts (or parts, depending on how you view them) inside, which can be life, energy, parts, ammunition, items and occasionally even information.

With "Cut at will" being one of the main selling line of the trailer, swordfighting will indeed be one of the main attraction with this one. Director Kimura has indicated that players will be able to slice, or "cut" anything "at will", be it living enemies or objects along a geometrical plane using a "free slicing" mode. Virtually any object in the game can be cut, including vehicles and enemies, though elements of the environment were intentionally limited to structures such as pillars and walls to better facilitate gameplay. The free slicing mode is similar to other aiming modes in previous Metal Gear Solid titles, but produces a special targeting reticule in the form of a transparent blue plane which can be rotated and moved, tracing orange lines across the surfaces of objects to indicate exactly where they will be cut; it can also be used to enter a bullet time state, giving players the opportunity to precisely slash targets during moments of action, such as slicing through a falling target from multiple angles before it hits the ground.

Let's take a look at how this can be achieved from the series of screenshots below.

For better display of this cool new feature, do check out the trailer embedded right below. Meanwhile, with the simultaneous announcement of both PlayStation Move and Microsoft's Kinect also at E3, one could no doubt be led to the opinion that the ultra-cool sword-wielding action had anything to do with these two upcoming motion-sensing game controller platforms. True enough, Matsuyama and Kimura have confirmed that they are currently looking into the implementation of these swordplay elements for the new platforms, though they stressed that traditional controls would be the game's main focus.

Four days before the commencement of E3 2010. the box artwork of the game was leaked on Xbox Live Marketplace but was soon taken down and replaced with the official logo. But well, this is the internet and we have Kotaku.

And this is how it look like, with the logo...

And without.

With the promise of detailing the (expectedly) painful journey that Raiden undertook from being an effeminate soldier to cyber ninja badass, along with the promise of the kickass newly rejuvenated gameplay, Metal Gear Solid: Rising is shaping up to be one of most highly anticipated game of anytime (as no announcement was released or even speculated).

The aforementioned ultra-cool trailer is embedded below, right after the jump. But for the squeamish ones, please do be cautioned that there are some pretty graphic stuffs with the realistic depictions of human dismemberment. In fact, the version of the E3 2010 trailer available for viewing on the game's official Japanese website has had such scenes removed, as a result of potential censorship by Computer Entertainment Ratings Board (CERO), the Japanese equivalent of the ESRB or PEGI. As reported by 1UP, dismemberment is among one of the verboten images, along with genitals, pubic hair, and sexual intercourse.


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