A good read recommended for all gamers. Dead or Undead.

Racket Boy, the gaming site with a retro-centric theme, has had many well-written beginner's guide for several classic consoles. With their most current effort, they have taken a step into the dark. Namely, the undead kind of dark, as they take on specific genres, with Survival Horror as their very first shot.

As a form of preview, here's some snapshots of the article.

Survival Horror has always been a bit of an odd duck. Based entirely on an intended emotional response, as opposed to gameplay mechanics, its one of the genres most heavily impacted by film and literature, while also doing its best to use its interactive nature to get under the player’s skin. While often labeled as a subtype of the Action-Adventure genre, Survival Horror will often break with its parent and branch into entirely different genres. This has included First Person Shooters, Role Playing Games, and even Platformers.

Background Information

- The term “Survival Horror” was originally coined by the first Resident Evil.
- While never gaining the mass appeal of such genres as 2D Fighters or Shooters, Survival Horror titles such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill played pivotal roles in the 32/64-bit era, where their mature appeal helped PlayStation dominate the era while Nintendo continued to be labeled “kiddy.”
- Survival Horror’s “Golden Era” spreads from 1996, with the release of Resident Evil, to 2005, with the release of Resident Evil 4, though many other great titles have been released outside of this timeframe.
- Despite the wide range of styles, many Survival Horror games of the golden era closely resemble Resident Evil, earning the name Resident Evil Clone, or RE Clone.

Do check out the article in its entirety over at Racket Boy.


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