Slayer: Pinball Rocks: 3-Minute Warning

Posted by Grey Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heavy Metal finally invades the always sunny and puny Apple world... With Slayer's latest app... A Pinball game?

My personal favorite heavy metal act, Slayer, in their nearly 30 years together as a band, after selling out millions of copies of their albums, redefining the singular genre of "Thrash Metal", and having toured almost the entire globe, are still working hard to churn out new albums and rolling out live performances. With the release of their latest head-banging epic (incidentally, their tenth studio album), "World Painted Blood" late last year, they continue to be one of the most incredible metal act the world has ever seen. One of the track, "Hate Worldwide" has already been nominated for Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. And with the release of the "Slayer: Pinball Rocks" application for Apple (for usage on both iPhone and iPad), Slayer are making their first foray into the remarkably vibrant iPhone applications world which strangely lack significant touches of the metal world given their considerable influence over popular culture.

That said, the metal invasion of the iPhone and iPad technically begun when fellow compatriot of the famous/infamous quartet known to the metal scene as "The Big Four of Thrash", Metallica, released Tap Tap Revenge: Metallica back in October last year.

While being a sufficiently entertaining title, the game was inevitably victimized by the very same loose control over the gameplay that plagued the entire "Tap Tap" library.

With "Slayer: Pinball Rocks", currently available for $2.99 at the Apple App store, Sony BMG Music Entertainment wisely developed a Pinball game in its effort to merge the gameplay to Slayer's loud and fast "evil" sounds. And the result? The unholy matrimony between Heavy Metal and Pinball turned out to be quite the perfect match. Borrowing tracks from the aforementioned "World Painted Blood" album, the game literally "rocks" with the ass-kicking music complete with numerous voice-overs and evil screams from Tom Araya (the bassist and vocalist) and the gang. The "metallic" ambiance is indisputable and the overall gameplay experience is further enhanced with the remarkably developed physics engine that demonstrated some of the most realistic pinball action all around.

The art direction for the game was also excellently done, depicting a more-than-articulate Slayer nightmare, with images of guitar strings merging into the eye of a skull, lighting bolt spewing out with flames galore, etc. Track titles such as "MELTING FLESH" and "GLOBAL GENOCIDE" were configured into the Pinball stages, with a surprising touch of mini-games of shredding and stuffs.

With all this, comparison against the holy grail of rock+pinball marriage, "KISS Pinball" is inevitable, and we dare say that "Slayer: Pinball Rocks" is in fact, a modern update of the classic and every bit as good.

Wait till you try it out on the iPad. Slayer's official website has featured a promo video for the game. Check it out via the YouTube video embedded below.


The Rundown
In a press release announcing the app, Kerry King (rhythm and lead guitarist) has this to say, "As a life-size pinball player, this looks so awesome. It looks really fun and entertaining, with a shot of evil, and it could definitely keep me up all night with a few shots for myself".

And we here at The Daily Zombies, wholeheartedly agreed. That's three bucks well-spent. Nevertheless, if you happened to be one of those squeamish types that can't stand Heavy Metal, this is definitely not for you. And by the way, what the hell are you doing here? Get out of here already!

The Good
- Great physics engine that heightened the realism of the basic Pinball gameplay
- A pitch-perfect Slayer ambiance, with great music, of course
- Tremendous work put in for the totally wicked art direction

The Bad
- Somewhat singular gameplay. Well, it's just a Pinball game

And The Kickass Track
"Hate Worldwide". They don't come much heavier these days.


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Sony Music Entertainment
Slayer Pinball Rocks HD
Category: Games
Price: $2.99
Released: Jun 24, 2010
Size: 23.9 MB
Seller: Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Latest version: 1.0.1




Legends of metal meet the king of arcade games in one loud, fast, flipper-thrashing frenzy. Hyper-realistic pinball gameplay set to a backdrop inspired by the band's latest head-banging masterpiece, World Painted Blood. Includes music from the new album, original voice recordings from singer/bassist Tom Araya, guitar shredding mini-games, and a pinball environment straight out of your worst nightmare. Co-produced by Sony Music and Gameprom (makers of The Deep, Wild West, Jungle Pinball, and Pinball HD). Play it LOUD!

- Introductory sales price of $2.99!
- Hyper-realistic physics engine
- Extreme detail and original artwork
- Multiple camera angles: including 3D-perspective, full-table, smart-cam
- Horizontal and vertical gameplay
- Multi-ball
- Featuring music from World Painted Blood
- Original voiceovers from Slayer
- LED versions of the animated Playing With Dolls
- Rhythm mini-games

Note: horizontal gameplay and HD graphics only available on the iPad


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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