WWE All Stars Preview

Posted by Grey Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Rock laying the smacketh down on puny John Cena in all cartoony glory!

First mentioned in good ol' JR's BBQlicious blog when he talked about a new WWE game developing outside of the annual WWE SmackDown vs. RAW series, WWE All Stars was officially announced in E3 2010 by THQ, followed by an extensive coverage by Gamespot.

With a "unique" concept of mashing WWE superstars past and present (please hold your horses if you would like to express your strong opinion that the SmackDown vs. RAW series had that one covered with its Legends roster), "WWE All Stars" will be featuring gameplay that belongs more to the arcade fighting game genre, as opposed to the simulation-feel of the SmackDown vs. RAW series.

The idea of a off-shoot product in the WWE game franchise is perfectly fine with me, given the enormous potential and depth with the source material. However, I can't help but felt under-whelmed by this new title that will be released across two generations of gaming platforms, namely, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, and Xbox 360 (Yes, that one stands out like a particularly sore thumb. PlayStation 2?). The reason behind my skepticism are perfectly well-documented. Among my library of PlayStation 3 titles, there are a selected few that one do not spoke of likely. As it will without a doubt incurred my wrath of actually acquiring it with my hard-earned greens. And one of those would be THQ's 2009 product, the abysmal "WWE Legends of WrestleMania", a title of which "WWE All Stars" conspicuously shared similar concept with. Yes, there's the WrestleMania-themed historical sentiments, there's the unlocking of modern superstars exclusively via importing from "WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009", but the rest sounded hauntingly similar. Exaggerated character models that borders on the overtly cartoon? Check. Arcade-style gameplay? Check. Over-the-top animation? Check/ Heavy play on nostalgia from die-hard WWE fans? Check. And I can assured you there's more where that came from as this new title totally reeks of that abysmal WWE Legends of WrestleMania.

While not exactly a saving grace, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler has reportedly signed on to work on the commentary. GDYC. Another point of interest would be the fact that WWE All Stars is the first WWE game to be produced by the THQ San Diego team, of which a considerable of its current employees were previously working for Midway Los Angeles who produced the relatively decent TNA Impact! professional wrestling video game in 2008. There might still be a ray of light with this one.

Anyway, let's take a look at some of the screenshots released from THQ, and after the jump, a sneak peak at the gameplay with a video taken from the aforementioned Gamespot coverage. For those who defiantly remained optimistic on the game, do check the video out to curb that enthusiasm of yours. With the way Cena and Rock both pumped to the size and built of "Hulk" (not the Hogan one, but Marvel's Incredible one), and the "crazy-ass" gravity with the "amazing" height the characters bounced up to when hit, it would be absolutely wise not to put too much hope with this one.

Image Source: http://us.thq.com/us/game/show/5955/WWE%C2%AE%20All%20Stars%E2%84%A2


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