Colin: Zombie Of The Week

Posted by Grey Friday, July 16, 2010

This week, we celebrate a very different kind of zombie, but in saying that, we are actually looking a zombie of the most common kind. Contradicting creatures, these undead.

A British film production made in 2008, Colin is a zombie film unlike any others for a couple of reason. For starters, the film cost a stellar £45 to make! By all considerations, a sheer marvel to pull that one out. And it is only through this brave new interweb-connected world that this were to done. Online social networks such as Facebook and MySpace were utilized in order to gather actors and make-up artists to 'donate' their services (the actors, for their roles as the relatively massive undead hordes) for free while Director Marc Price reportedly shot the film on an old standard definition Panasonic mini-dv camcorder that he had owned for 10 years and edited it on his home PC using Adobe Premiere software that he had been given at media college.

Another distinct depart from the conventional zombie films would be the fact that Colin is possibly the first zombie film to told almost entirely from a zombie (in this case, the eponymous Colin)’s point of view as we see the trials and tribulations of a, for lack of a better word, daily zombie. The film open with a still human Colin getting attacked by a zombie and joining the walking dead within the first few minutes of the film. Interestingly, the film mirrored the intriguing concept introduced by George Romero's zombie classic, Dawn Of The Dead, where the undead dwelled at the mall driven by memories of their former life, in itself a wink at the American consumerism. In a film that wholly explores the life of a zombie, Colin eventually finds himself wandering the streets and, yes, the mall.

For a British zombie flick that cost just £45 to make it to the Cannes Film Festival, this is indeed some undead success story. Just don't raise your hope too high for it to be release in Asia. In fact, given that it's been almost two years since its release, just look around for its DVD.


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