Yeah right, just what the Harry Potter fans prescribed for a quick release on the recent epidemic conjured by the "Twilight" phenomenon... The official trailer of the upcoming two-part finale of the "Harry Potter" series.

And what irony that in addition to the trailer's official unveiling on the internet on June 28th, it has also been attatched to "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse", in theaters mostly everywhere since yesterday. Coined as "The Motion Picture Event Of A Generation" (a sure-fire namesake and prestige bound to be flamed and grilled in the hellish flames of all shadowy online forums), the film, as mentioned earlier, will be released in two parts and are available in 3D, in a relentless efforts to double up the box office earnings, oh no wait, that's in order to provide the highly emotional send-off for the much-beloved characters.

Regardless if you're a Harry Potter fanboy yourself, or just an innocent bystander caught in the Potter fan-craze storm by your Muggle-loving significant other, this must be one face-off you have been holding your breath for... The definitive face-off between "The Boy Who Lived" and "You-Know-Who", or better known as "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named". Hell, got to love these namesakes.

Check out the trailer right below.


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