This Undead Monday, we bid farewell to a much-celebrated member of the Undead as he moved on back to the world of the living.

For the uninformed, a little debrief on the current status of Frank Castle, better known as The Punisher, but recently going by the moniker of FrankenCastle.

Shortly after Mark Millar reinserted Frank Castle back into the 616 Marvel Universe during "Civil War", Frank Castle find himself facing unprecedented odds as he went head-to-head with superheroes and supervillains alike, as he focus all his efforts to take down Norman Osborn, who has successfully repositioned himself as "humanity's savior" following the "Secret Invasion", and has since disbanded S.H.I.E.L.D.,placing a new organization, H.A.M.M.E.R., in its place. Towards the end of Osborn's Dark Reign, Castle was finally dismembered and killed in a New York City sewer by Daken, the nihilistic son of Wolverine.

Yet all is not lost. Castle's remains were collected by Morbius and the Legion of Monsters, whom reassembled him as a Frankenstein monster, in hope that his military experience, tactical mindset and leadership would help the Legion of Monsters in their never-ending battle against mankind and an evil group of monster hunters. After some drama, Castle joined forces with the Legion of Monsters to aid their cause.

From this new starting point, the series was retitled "Franken-Castle".

Making use of his new-found supernatural strength and endurance, Castle set himself on course in a personal vendetta to hunt down the man who took his life in a most brutal way: Daken.

And with the release of "FrankenCastle" #20, the "FrankenCastle" era of the Punisher comes to a close with issue #21. After much torment in his Undead days, Castle is returning to the land of the living. Meaning no more sewed-up patches of skins, etc. Joining writer Rick Remender, will be artist Dan Brereton, long-renowned for his arts on monsters with Giantkiller and the Eisner-Award nominated Nocturnals. The final story arc, titled "Punishment", will pit a Bloodstone-powered Castle against Daken and a horde of monsters.

Following that, a five issue "Punisher: In the Blood" miniseries will debut, taking place about month after the events of "FrankenCastle" #21.

Check out some of the monstrously good art of Brereton and a preview at the cover art of "Punisher: In the Blood".


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