WWE Night Of Champions Preview

Posted by Grey Sunday, September 19, 2010

Every WWE championship is on the line as Night of Champions hits Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, tonight.

With a generic concept of having every single WWE titles on the line, Night of Champions is now into its fourth iteration, having rechristened into its current model from the generally concept-less Vengeance back in 2007's Vengeance: Night of Champions. However, with major WWE titles on the line all the time during WWE PPVs, you have to ask yourself: Is that a big deal? And the answer is only too blatantly obvious, especially in the face of consistently falling PPV buy-rates.

Nevertheless, we see some encouraging development over WWE's previous PPV, SummerSlam, of which a card of only six matches were announced. Speaking of SummerSlam, we have had some insanely surreal moment when Daniel Bryan emerged as the "Seventh Participant" in the seven-on-seven main event between Team WWE and Nexus, in an exact fashion as what we predicted here in a rant of sarcasm.

Here's what we mentioned back then:

Cena will turn down The Miz's offer to take part as no.7, only to introduce the mysterious superstar at the very end: Bryan Danielson! Talk about irony....

Despite that ridiculous wild shot that hit the bullseye, the overall result of our prediction for "The Biggest Event of the Summer" ain't too impressive with a score of three accurate prediction over the announced six matches. That said, we are fairly confident with Night of Champions, incidentally the first in WWE's astoundingly crowded series of PPVs this fall, leading up to November's Survivor Series. (Yes, it is that astoundingly crowded, with WWE cramming three PPVs in a period of five weeks! Starting with Night of Champions tonight, we have Hell in a Cell on October 3rd (a mere two weeks away!) and Bragging Rights on October 24th.)

With WWE guaranteeing that every single championship will be on the line in the event, a grand total of seven titles will be defended, including the absolutely necessary unification match for the Divas' and Women's Championships and an as yet undetermined match-up for the brand new WWE Tag Team titles. Storyline-wise, we have a World Heavyweight Championship bout more than thirteen years in the making, and a continuation of the Nexus feud further complicated by a Six Pack Elimination Challenge for the WWE Championship.

Before we move on with the preview, do note that the current Mr. Money in the Bank, the Miz, still has his red hot (literally) briefcase with him that he will likely use in advantageous times (something like when someone went through a turbulent match-up defeating five other Superstars), and that as mentioned earlier, Hell in a Cell is upon us in two week's time.

And here we go...

WWE Championship Six Pack Elimination Challenge

Current WWE champion, Sheamus, will defend his WWE Title in a Six Pack Challenge against Raw’s top Superstars: John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett, the leader of the diabolical Nexus. While a crammed title match always inclined one to view it in a negative light, the elimination stipulation has in fact made this match-up more interesting.

As the winner of NXT Season 1, Wade Barrett enjoyed the prize of winning the horrendous show: A title opportunity on a PPV of his choice. While it has been highly documented in the internet rumor mill that in the earlier part of Season 1, Daniel Bryan were booked to win the season to then challenge his antagonistic Pro, the Miz, for his United States Championship, the victory of Barrett has served to an awkward scenario where WWE has got to elevate Barrett to a PPV main event status despite his relative lack of experiences in the top flight level. With the Six Pack Challenge stipulation, WWE took the easy way out, but you got to pity Barrett for all the outrageous shit he braved through the abysmal NXT to get a 1/6 share of PPV spotlight.

And in this one, everybody in the spotlight got a story (Sort of). Jericho is having his purported mid-career crisis threatening to resign should he fail to win (which just might be true since he's currently in a contract renewal process with WWE). Edge has a bone or two to pick with the (still) anonymous General Manager of Raw, threatening to hijack the title if he wins. Cena is Cena, so he always have a story. Sheamus is still having his on-again, off-again feud with Orton, who is still the single most over Superstar in the entire locker room, and the one most likely to win the match.

Who shall be the last man standing?

Predicted Winner: Sheamus
Second choice: Randy Orton

My prediction on the elimination sequence: Barrett, being the leader of the much-hated Nexus, got taken out early by the combined might of all other WWE Superstars, both faces and heels. Edge then gets himself eliminated by Jericho, teasing fans of a likely victory by Y2J, who was then eliminated by Orton. Last three standing: Sheamus, Cena and Orton. The Nexus appeared in full force, taking out Cena, leaving only Orton and Sheamus, who edged out the Legend Killer due to interferences by Nexus.

An alternative theory of mine branches out also from the very same sequence, but with Orton edging out Sheamus to win the title, only to suffer the wrath of the Miz, who cashes out his "Money in the Bank" opportunity after suffering a shock defeat at the hands of Daniel Bryan earlier.

World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. The Undertaker

When I mentioned the title match between defending champion, Kane and Rey Mysterio being a repeated match that ran ad nauseam, I already saw this one coming: A repeated match-ups far, far worse than the one last month. A match-up more then thirteen years in the making, it certainly seemed that we have seen this one every other year during the period.

Match quality: This will be at best mediocre.

Predicted Winner: Kane
With the Hell in a Cell PPV a mere two weeks away, every fans already looked into their personal crystal ball and saw rematch in the cell.

United States Champion The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

It's former NXT Rookie and internet darling (according to Michael "GDYC" Cole), Daniel Bryan's biggest night as he take on the Miz in what could turned out to be the show stealer of the night. Can Bryan's fantasy return ended in a fairy-tale setting?

With WWE uncharacteristically investing time and effort in building this one from the ground up since the inception of NXT, fans have already pick the feud up in hordes. The Miz needs to prove his in-ring ability while Bryan also has a thing or two to display to the WWE Universe. This is gonna be one hell of an interesting match-up.

Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan
Months ago, he belonged to the bunch of clowns bumping around in the ring and here he is, taking his place amongst numerous all-time greats who ever held the prestigious Intercontinental Championship.

That said, this is an even sweeter deal for the Miz, despite his loss, as he parachutes his way to the main event picture. Regardless if he cash out his Money in the Bank tonight or not, the Miz is poised for some big-time in the WWE ring.

Big Show vs. CM Punk

When even the entire Straight Edge Society (the collective individuals from CM Punk, Joey Mercury, Luke Gallows and formerly, Serena) fails, can one man made the difference? In a night when all championships are on the line, the only match-up that doesn't showcase any, seemed to be one particular downer.

Punk's tremendous in-ring abilities just doesn't gel well with Big Show's giant style. Let's just hope this is the last chapter of the boring "SES vs Big Show" feud.

Predicted Winners: Big Show
All the SmackDown matches seemed to be rather lackluster, given the fact that the show is currently in holding pattern, awaiting its relaunch on cable network Syfy on October 1st. And this is definitely no exception. Punk has been treated poorly for the last few months. With an ending of this poorly received feud, let's hope that there can some interesting programs ahead for Punk, probably with MVP or Christian, who has proved that he had some dynamics with Punk in last week's SmackDown.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

For the umpteen time. While I erratically predicted that the Ziggler vs. Kingston bout last month might "just be the best match of the show", it was fine all the way until Nexus shown up, with no consequences as a fallout to the attack. And this series of matches between Kingston and Ziggler have really grew weary on the fans, so much so that it should just move on now.

Predicted Winners: Kofi Kingston
With Vicky Guerrero taking on the role of Pro over the new NXT diva Rookie, Kaitlyn, the storyline between the man-eating cougar and the Ziggler seemed to be inclining to an eventual breakup. And this certainly fits the ending of a title chase feud.

Divas Champion Melina vs. self-proclaimed "Co-Women's Champion" Michelle McCool

Finally, an interesting match-up for the Divas.

Divas Champion Melina will face self-proclaimed "Co-Women’s Champion" Michelle McCool in a match that will unify the Women’s and Divas titles. And every WWE Diva will be at ringside to play "Lumberjills".

While pondering on who will win this one, I can't help but lay my thoughts on which title will stay while the other one gets obliterated? The two-year-old purple plastic Divas Championship, or the 54-year-old prestigious Women Championship?

Predicted Winners: Melina
For a title unification match-up of this scale, it made sense for a face to win. Meanwhile, the hinted implosion of LayCool is interesting in itself and does not warrant a title to be involved.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd) vs. TBD

Cody "Dashing" Rhodes and Drew McIntyre has defeated the champions in last week's SmackDown and are likely to be locking up with them with the titles on the line. Should that be the case, I expect the reigning champions to retain, buiiding the feud further.


The Rundown

An intriguing card that surprisingly employs some very traditional bookings. While the main event of a six-man-elimination match is undoubtedly going to be one hell of a ride, the match-up between the Miz and Daniel Bryan also hold promises that cancel out the potential boringness of Undertaker's 666th match-up with Kane, along with Big Show's inconsequential battle with CM Punk.

Definitely worth checking out.


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