Iron Man Turns 500! - New York Comic-Con

Posted by Grey Sunday, October 10, 2010

In time to commemorate his 500th issue celebration, The Invincible Iron Man gets the renumbering treatment not unlike Amazing Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk, as the Armored Avenger gets his very own "Future Imperfect".

While Marvel's "Avengers" franchise is arguably its biggest stock now, Iron Man is undoubtedly the franchise's number one guy, thanks to his recent Hollywood outings. That said, Matt Fraction has produced some of the very best works of Iron Man in his amazing run on The Invincible Iron Man since its inception in 2008, which among its many accolades, won the 2009 Eisner Award for Best New Series.

With the conclusion of the recent "Stark Resilient" arc, the series will be getting the renumbering treatment, not unlike Amazing Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk, as Faction moved on to his next phase of his run on the title.

The regular cover to Iron Man #500.

The variant cover to Iron Man #500.

Featuring an oversized main story along with other bonus material typical of an anniversary issue, Iron Man #500 will be kicking off a bold new chapter in the life of Tony Stark with a glimpse of his dark future. A brief summary of the plot from Fraction himself, in an interview with IGN:

In the present day, Tony Stark has found Stark Industries plans for a kind of device he has no recollection of, due to his profound memory loss. So he tries to put together what it was and why he was making it with the help of the name of the former Stark employee he was designing it with-- a guy named Peter Parker."

"Around that, we flash forward about forty years or so, to a world where we didn't renumber the book and see what life is like for Stark in Iron Man #500. So he's seventy-some years old and has a son about his age now and a granddaughter about his age when he was a hard-partying college kid. Oh, and the world has completely gone to hell and is seemingly ruled by the Mandarin."

As part of the bonus material in the issue, a story focused on Howard Stark reportedly in the style of TV's "Mad Men", written by Fraction and illustrated by artist Howard Chaykin will also be in the issue.

In commemoration of the landmark issue, Marko Djurdjevic has produced a stunning poster that will be broken up into covers for numerous related titles in 2011. Do click on the image below for a high resolution of the awesome poster.

Meanwhile, James Rhodes, AKA War Machine, will not be sitting out the action with the launch of "Iron Man 2.0", a new ongoing series from writer Nick Spencer and artist Barry Kitson.

The cover to Iron Man 2.0 #1.


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