Reactions To John Cena Joining The Nexus

Posted by Grey Thursday, October 7, 2010

WWE's top babyface superstar John Cena has joined the diabolical heel faction known as "The Nexus". After losing a one-on-one match with Nexus leader, Wade Barrett, at the Hell in a Cell PPV due to outside interference by two fans now identified as NXT season two throwaways, Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty, Cena was forced into joining the much-hated group of upstarts.

The Cenation (a big part of WWE Universe mostly consisting demographics of kids under ten and women audiences) react, and in his signature deadpan humorous way, IGN writer Matt Fowler chronicles the absurd.

Yes, Cena loses matches more than one might think for a top star, but this loss was particularly upsetting his legions of marks. It made for some truly spectacular crowd reactions after the match. I've put a few of my favorite together here, in sort of narrative form. It tells a story. It moves from "hands on top of head" to "covering mouth in shock."

Some of these gestures were so exaggerated I felt like I was watching Three's Company. I expected one dude to bite his palm and whimper after seeing a hot girl walk by. Anyways, as you can see by the end, right next to Latina Rose Byrne, there's Kid Stupor. He represents closure. Acceptance. And probably a doody in the pants. I also don't know how to explain the "red shift" going on here. I guess Cena being forced to join Nexus caused everyone's electromagnetic waves to lengthen and their protons to decrease. It happens.

There are also reports going around that Cena's due for a heel turn too. This new story with the Nexus might be a good way to slowly shift him over to the dark side. It will take a hell of a lot to make people buy into a Cena turn, but if the WWE takes it's time with it, we might see some magic. And if you thought the symphony of exasperated faces at Hell in a Cell was delectable, just wait until Cena grabs and rips up his first little kid sign. I mean, look at this Cena fan here. This is a kid reacting to Cena's PPV loss. This is balls-out "mom canceled my WoW account" rage here.

For wrestling fans with a taste of deadpan cynicism, do check out Matt Fowler's (mostly) weekly "Wrestling Wrap Up" at IGN.


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