WWE Hell In A Cell Preview

Posted by Grey Sunday, October 3, 2010

Step inside "Satan's Structure" as Hell in a Cell takes place tonight at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

Yes, yet another Pay-Per-View preview in a mere two weeks. As mentioned two week ago, an astoundingly hectic series of PPVs this fall, leading up to November's Survivor Series. So crammed that I'm getting restless with this one. Incidentally, do note that WWE has changed the promotional poster for the event from a tamer Undertaker to a hyper-charged Deadman with renewed tattoos.

In this second annual Hell in a Cell PPV, the main highlights of event will be the Hell in a Cell (HIAC) matches, a match-type that WWE is currently promoting as the earlier mentioned "Satan's Structure". Ooh, such a brutal environment.. Is that supposed to send thrills or just cynical warnings on diabolical bookings? You tell me, with the guidance of the video embedded below.

Needless to say, forget the first forty seconds of the video. That's just some good times that aren't just coming back.

While I still don't appreciate the idea of building up storylines on pre-determined match-types, the idea of the final chapter of the (renewed) feud of the Brothers of Destruction concluding in the very structure which introduced the Big Red Machine to the wrestling world is particularly appropriate in this case. Randy Orton looks to set up a closure on his ongoing feud with Sheamus in the other HIAC match of the show, as John Cena put all in for a high stakes battle with The Nexus.

Meanwhile in the mid-card, Mrs. Deadman, Michelle McCool take on a new challenger for the newly unified Divas Championship (Yes, we're officially stuck with the two-year-old purple plastic Divas Championship over the 54-year-old prestigious Women Championship) while Daniel Bryan gets to defend his first ever WWE title against his former Pro The Miz, with John Morrison mixed in the feud in a first ever Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere match for the WWE United States Championship.

Over at our prediction's accuracy department, discounting our second choice of Orton winning the WWE Championship Six Pack Elimination Challenge and the undeniably screw job that the former WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hart Dynasty had, we had a relatively underwhelming 2/5 score. Let's see how we fare with this one...

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Sheamus (Hell in a Cell Match)

Orton surprisingly rode on his current hot-air balloon of popularity and defeated Sheamus for the WWE Title in a Six Pack Challenge which included four other Raw’s top Superstars: John Cena, Edge, Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett. The surprise in that is that babyfaces usually wins title matches in an one-on-one encounter as opposed to an ensemble battle-royale. That result might just be indicative of the WWE management's impatience to save buy-rates and ratings with a feel-good ending to the PPV. Then came the problem: Raw's ratings sunk even further. By no means Orton's fault, could this mean yet another title change in the wing with this one?

Predicted Winner: Randy Orton
My answer to the above question: A resounding NO. Should a title change really take place, it'll only come in the form of The Miz cashing out his "Money in the Bank" opportunity.

World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell Match)

Yes, and the obligatory rematch. Incidentally the sixth hundred and sixty-seven match-up between the Brothers of Destruction. But bear in mind though, this ain't just any rematch.

Incidentally, Kane made his WWE debut at 1997's In Your House: Ground Zero, interrupting the inaugural HIAC match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker by ripping the door off of the cage and giving a Tombstone piledriver to The Undertaker, allowing Michaels to pin the Deadman.

What resonance this must have felt, with the final pay-off of a feud nearly fourteen years in the making. And as unbelievable as it might sound, both The Undertaker and Kane, despite their numerous match-ups for the past thirteen years, have not met each other in a HIAC match.

While I'm still in hope that this one would not be the eighteen-minute punch/kick showcase we had two weeks ago, this could just be the most brutal match WWE has to offer in this PG-TV era.

Predicted Winner: The Undertaker
With the return of Paul Bearer and the urn, The Undertaker is back, both to rejuvenate a brand new SmackDown at Sci-Fi and plain ass-kicking.

U.S. Champion Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz – Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match

Making this match with the stipulation of a "Submissions Count Anywhere" certainly promises Morrison a chance to showcase his amazing Parkour skills. However, It's the "Submissions" portion that gave the game away.

Like Bryan and The Miz's first encounter, this could just be the show-stealer of the night.

Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan
In addition to what was mentioned earlier, this match served several purpose:
1) The obligatory rematch, something that is much-needed in such tight schedule of PPVs.
2) As mentioned earlier, a showcase of Morrison's Parkour skills and sadly with him tapping out to Bryan's LeBell Lock to protect The Miz's comparably strong status.
3) Other than protecting The Miz, the match also served to further cement his upcoming main event status.
4) Yet another Daniel "freaking" Bryan's breakout match.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

One simple yet crucial stipulation with this one: Wade Barrett will face John Cena with the stipulation that if Barrett wins, Cena will have to join Nexus, and if Cena wins or Nexus gets involved, Nexus will be disbanded.

What started as an awesome beatdown on John Cena (anytime SuperCena gets some major ass-kicking, it's an awesome moment) by seven rookies who had been clowning in a show that will never lead them to anywhere and in turns thrusting them into the main event spotlight was great writing for pro-wrestling TV (as much as WWE prefers calling itself Sports Entertainment instead).


The storyline has since fell into the toilet when SuperCena shows up and demolish the rookies who had since been called "The Nexus". Coupled that with the unnecessary imploding of the faction (the whole Daniel Bryan hullabaloo, and the recent exile of "Black Cena" Darren Young), injury (big Skip Sheffield was just getting kind of over), and more belittlement from Cena (Heath Slater now commonly known as the "Wendy's guy").

All said and done, this is the one pivotal match in "The Nexus"' storyline, and totally a "make-or-break" one at that.

Predicted Winners: Wade Barrett
This is simple math.

Scenario 1: Barrett loses, and The Nexus storyline is over. Cena wins, as he always does, remain as the babyface everyone loves to jeer. The only positive out of this would be the fact that Wade Barrett and probably Justin Gabriel got some moments of glory and might just be pushed later. Not a good scenario at all, I'll say.

Scenario 2: Barrett wins, and The Nexus storyline shifts into the next chapter with Cena forced into the group. Now that's a great moment to tease the much-talked-about Cena turn. Will he or won't he? That's compelling TV (ok, for the wrestling-watching crowd, that is). Now, the negatives on this one: Cena has to move merchandise, and being a heel just won't cut. But they can always come up with some new merchandise combining Cena and the Nexus logo. Probably a "CeNa" logo with the "N" being the Nexus's one. A much better scenario filled with potential.

That said, there have been many telling signs of the results of this one, with "good ol'" J.R. having the below to said...

"keep this in mind … even though Nexus cannot get involved in Cena’s bout with Barrett … what about someone else settling an old score? I’m just saying …"

Oh, and the "N" business here in the next PPV's poster...

Unified Divas Champion Michelle McCool vs. Natalya

Refreshingly, an interesting match-up for the Diva's title. Refreshingly nostalgic.

Two years ago at The Great American Bash PPV in Uniondale, New York, Michelle McCool defeated Natalya to become the inaugural champion of purple plastic Divas Championship.

And now the title chase has come full circle (and a small circle at that) with this rematch. Nevertheless, do note that Natalya, prestigious pro-wrestling background notwithstanding, is one of the few Divas who can really wrestle. You can rest assured that this is going to be one of the better Divas match in a long time.

Predicted Winners: Michelle McCool
As much as I would like Natalya to have a long championship run, I'm afraid there's no way the WWE bookers gonna cut LayCool's title reign now.


The Rundown

While Sheamus definitely is the WWE Superstar most people wanted to see to profusely bleed like a stuck pig (due to his extraordinarily fair complexion), let's face it: There ain't gonna be any bleeding as WWE cut down their budget by saving up on blades.

Hell in a Cell will never be like what we had during the "Attitude" era as we (being not the targeted demographic) continue to suffer in this PG-TV age. That said, can the matches be as good as they come without blood and its associated violence?

Nevertheless, this is one PPV that is surprisingly (given its two weeks' build) choke-full of intriguing potential.


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