We have earlier expressed our tremendously high expectation on the next chapter in Grant Morrison's epic Batman run in our feature article on the "Top 13 Of San Diego Comic-Con International 2010".

But boy did we know this is so much of a game-changer.

For those who haven't read Batman And Robin #16, where the last chapter of "Batman and Robin Must Die" took place, get out of here. Obviously, this is one hell of a spoiler alert.

Picture tells a thousand words, and thanks to DCU's The Source blog, here we go...

And with that, the stage has been set for an international game of superheroic crime-fighting across the globe as the scale of being Batman escalates to an unprecedented level in "Batman Inc.".

For those who, for some reason, are not checking out the above pictures, here's a description, courtesy of DCU's The Source blog.

Bruce Wayne is back, and after teaming up with the Dynamic Duo of Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian as Robin to defeat the haunting Dr. Hurt – who’s plagued Batman since the very beginning of Grant’s run on Batman and throughout the pages of BATMAN AND ROBIN v1 and v2, the billionaire playboy made a startling announcement:

“Some of you may have wondered…How does a man like Batman afford to constantly update his crime-fighting technology? Where does his money come from?

“Well, the answer is me.”

Batman Inc. #1 will be released on November 17th.

Source: DCU's The Source blog


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