A Chance In Hell: Zombie Of The Week

Posted by Grey Friday, November 5, 2010

Dig Dead Snow? Then there might just be a chance in hell (all puns intended) that you gonna like "A Chance In Hell".

Nazis, are undoubtedly, among some of the most villainous bunch of villains in mankind history.

Zombies, on the other hand, are a freaking force of nature right out of its dark rear (and of course, fictional) end.

We have had our Nazi/Zombie combo from the Norwegian horror comedy, Dead Snow (Død snø in Norwegian), and the general consensus out there on the film is decidedly lukewarm. And here we have in the ring, yet another bold entry in the Nazi/Zombie sub-genre, A Chance In Hell.

Coined as "Inglorious Basterds Meets Day Of The Dead", "A Chance In Hell" is written and directed by Tony Wash and co-written by Johnny 5, and stars a cast of relatively unknowns.

Here's the plot synopsis from Horror-Movies.CA:

"During WWII, a Nazi scientist experiments to create the ‘ultimate warrior’ for the Fuhrer but all efforts are in vain. With the American soldiers closing in, the doctor performs one last experiment on a concentration camp child, unleashing a creature straight from Hell."

Check out the trailer below to decide if you are feeling slightly perturbed by the subject matter or the production values.

Some of the set pictures from the film's Facebook page.


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