Editing The Dead: Zombie Of The Week

Posted by Grey Friday, November 19, 2010

Choose your own adventure on the Night of the Living Dead!

Fans of George A. Romero's 1968 iconic zombie epic, Night of the Living Dead? (YES, we are!)

Dig those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books published by Bantam Books in your juvenile days? (Yes, I was. There, the guilty pleasure in my youthful days confessed.)

Then you gonna love this latest innovation utilizing the underused yet utterly awesome features of your friendly neighborhood YouTube. Design studio Analogue has put up an exhilaratingly innovative concept of experiencing the classic zombie film by injecting an incredible dose of interactive element not unlike those of "Choose Your Own Adventure". "Editing The Dead" utilizes YouTube's in-video linking feature, allowing players to select their very own path roaming through the very night where the living dead reigns. For zombie fans who have always had their own views on how the original story played out, this is your ultimate chance to relive, or rather, rewrite the classic film.

While the idea of utilizing YouTube's in-video linking feature is not exactly new (with the earlier Street Fighter project created by Patrick Bolvin, the very same person who brought you the adorable Iron Baby), Editing The Dead allows for a more interactive experience into a historic cinematic moment, by letting players progress from clip to clip with their choices.

For fans of the all-time classic zombie film, this is one experience you just have to try. Check it out right after the jump.

Source: Kotaku


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