Green Lantern Trailer Rundown

Posted by Grey Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Overwhelmed by what transpired in the trailer to the star-studded, space-soaring superhero film, Green Lantern? Here's a something to alleviate the experience.

Ever the diligent analyst, iO9 has compiled a collection of screens captured from the recently released trailer of the upcoming DC superhero film, Green Lantern, complete with their research and analysis.

You can find some of the excerpts here, but please head over to iO9 for the mind-boggling details.

After meeting Ryan Reynolds' version of Hal Jordan, a guy who likes fast planes and offers women free tapwater after sex, the first little bit of Green Lantern mythology we get a glimpse of in the new trailer is the Ferris building, the jet company where Hal flies.

This is Green Lantern Abin-Sur.

The Green Lantern Home Planet, Oa! And the first real look at Green Lantern teacher Tomar-Re.

Tomar-Re is from the planet Xudar. Tomar-Re trains new Green Lantern Corps members and fights injustice across his sector. He looks exceptionally cheesy in the comic books, but he's a classic character. It's interesting to see how he's translated into live action here. He looks much more menacing, we think it's the beak (or the giant chest).

Also on Oa: Sinestro, played by Mark Strong. While he's not the bad guy in this particular movie, we're pretty sure they'll be slowly playing with Sinestro's fall into villainy, as becomes one of Green Lantern's most infamous foes. But for now, he's still one of the best Green Lanterns in space.

Even Kilowog has a tiny cameo in the trailer. Another Green Lantern, Kilowog is a drill sergeant from the planet Bolovax Vik, where he was a scientist.

Here's the first image from Hal utilizing his new set of skills to punch out a group of no good street attackers.

At one point Hal appears to be sitting down and having a conversation with Carol Ferris in his Green Lantern suit. She seems pretty at ease with all this new alien tech, which is important because one day the Zamarons aliens will crown her the new Star Sapphire, and she will be forced to fight Hal face-to-face. But that's a whole other movie.

Speaking of Star Sapphire commenter Skatonic10 points out that there is a Sapphire decal on Carol's helmet while flying her jet. Foreshadowing for the sequel?

A quick flash in the trailer shows someone with a pink noggin blowing up, or getting blown up, inside a giant yellow structure. Possible a giant power battery? Sinestro? Abin-Sur? My money is on Sinestro.

Incidentally, there have been raving comments online that the above picture actually shown the yellow power battery exploding.

Speaking of yellow power, Green Lantern's archenemy in the comics and rumored nemesis in the movie, Parallax (the alien entity born from the yellow of the emotional spectrum, and the sentient embodiment of fear, whose life goals were to travel from world to world to cause entire civilizations to destroy themselves out of paranoia), has reportedly been confirmed with an image being leaked out by The Daily Blam. According to the article, the image was a scan of a one-sheet poster from one of the next issues of the Green Lantern comic series. The image has since been removed but is thankfully still available at iO9.

Source: iO9


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