An apocalyptic message from the year 2050 after Republicans regain control of United States of America... delivered by the babelicious Olivia Wilde, members of humanity's last stand against idiocy?

Let us tell you a cryptic tale of apocalyptic proportion. When former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson and Jersey Shore star "The Situation" tie the knot on November 2nd, Americans decide to follow the beastly celebrity couple's nuptial than participating in the Senate elections held on the same day. As a result, the Republicans won the day and went on to regain an all-consuming iron grip on the country, with Sarah Palin declaring war against China in 2017, kicking off Super War against Norway in 2020, and igniting the Ultra War against Iran, Botswana, and the Pacific Ocean(?). From there on, humanity went downhill, or rather, down the drain. And in a last fight against the idiocy that is soon ending the world as we know it in 2050, scientists in the rebellion resistance created a time machine for Olivia "kicking-your-ass-time-warner-whats-not" Wilde to send a message to us, the unsuspecting Jersey Shore watching loafers here in the present, to get their ass off the couch to just... vote.

Wow, that's a painstakingly thoughtful effort. Check out the complete message right below.

If there's ever a chance in hell that we here at The Daily Zombies would actually like a political advertisement, well, this is that chance in hell we are talking about. As if the apocalyptic ramification as a fall-out of the unholy matrimony between two grade c(for Crisis) celebrity isn't bad enough, Sarah Palin will go on and unleash true hell on us politically unconscious brain-dead types.

This cute little apocalyptic advert will get even more effective if you check it out on with your Facebook profile provided. The ad will then be specifically personalized to you in particular when your pictures start popping up all over the clip.

"You are totally cuter in person." Wow, that's a full-on assault of propaganda, employing tactics from threats to, well, brown-nosing. Nonetheless, a humorous one with tongue firmly in cheek makes all the difference.



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