Space, The Final Frontier For Photoshop Disaster

Posted by Grey Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In space, no one can hear you scream..."Photoshop Disaster!"

It's always an interesting time when a purported alien conspiracy theory gets proven by a Photoshop Disaster not unlike what happened to Faith Hill (see below, and details here).

Earlier last month, a YouTube video were posted, displaying how an image of Saturn's moons Dione and Titan, taken by NASA's Cassini orbiter, had been digitally altered before being added to the space agency's Picture of the Day website. YouTube user, "DominatorPS3", turned up the contrast level on the the photo, and it is immediately apparent that there is a "huge" object behind the smaller moon, Dione, and brush strokes are noticable, blacking out a "rainbow aura" around the object.

"More solid proof of NASA/ government cover-ups. And this is recent. You can do this yourself!!"

So said DominatorPS3, who has since taken down the video after allegedly received death threats (?). A new video, however, were uploaded (embedded below).

Emily Lakdawalla, the NASA personnel who was responsible for the photoshopping, has a shot in clarifying the conspiracy at

Cassini takes color pictures by snapping three sequential photos through red, green, and blue filters. In the time that separated the three frames, Dione moved, so if I did a simple color composite I would be able to make Titan look right, but not Dione; or Dione look right, but not Titan. So I aligned Dione, cut it out, and then aligned Titan, and then had to account for the missing bits of shadow where the bits of Dione had been in two of the three channels.

You buying this?

Source: iO9


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