WWE Survivor Series Preview

Posted by Grey Sunday, November 21, 2010

Arguably an event with one of the best build-up in recent years, the 24th annual Survivor Series will be taking place tonight at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

Game enough for the preview?

Survivor Series have never been so suitably named. What with Vince McMahon declaring the Pay-Per-View (PPV) title a relic of the past back in February, and subsequently reinstated the event in a hush-hush manner.

A clear superiority over the previous hectic series of PPVs, Survivor Series is evidence that strong build-up can only be done given time. With all eyes over the final fate of John Cena for the main event of the show, the stories for the other matches pale in comparison in terms of story quality, with the title bout between Edge and reigning champion, Kane, being the conspicuous weak link. The previous three-hour Raw, with its retro theme, and relatively tight writing and amazing promo by Roddy Piper on the "Piper's Pit", has no doubt further catapult the main event to yet another great height with severe consequence guaranteed.

Meanwhile, we have all the titles on the line, something that is in itself, a throwback to the traditional days of PPV, and speaking of traditional, we have a traditional Survivor Series 5-on-5 elimination match.

We have had quite field day over at our prediction's accuracy department for last month's Bragging Rights, scoring a dismal 1/5 score, with our bold predictions. Turned out the booking staff ain't as adventurous as we thought. With the improvement over the writing and booking for this one, let's see if we can score better this time round. On with the show.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett (with special guest referee John Cena)

A quick recap on the story thus far.

Reigning WWE champion, Randy Orton, the lone wolf antihero babyface champion has faced Wade Barrett, the evil leader of the diabolical "Nexus", in a title defence during last month's Bragging Rights. John Cena, who had joined The Nexus unwillingly two months ago at Hell in a Cell, was given the instruction to help Barrett win the match. That was achieved, but was only reluctantly complied by Cena who got Orton disqualified thus unable to allow the title to change hands. However, Barrett receives an automatic rematch and with him earning the right to choose a special guest referee in this WWE Title rematch, he chose Cena, with an all-too-personal stake on the line: if Cena raises Barrett’s hand in victory at the main event, he will be freed from The Nexus. And if Barrett doesn't win, Cena will be fired. In summary, it's "Free of Fired".

In addition to this stipulation, Raw’s anonymous General Manager has announced that there will be no count-outs and no disqualifications in this high-stakes encounter, meaning that victory can only be attained via pinfall or submission, while all other members of The Nexus will be barred from ringside.

First and foremost, this match is, in my opinion, the most anticipated match, since Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker's match at WrestleMania XXVI. The reason being plain simple: Good, smart writing. Oh, and Rowdy Roddy Piper's awesome promo on the "Piper's Pit".

With the final fate of Cena hanging high, Orton, and his WWE Championship, unfortunately played the second fiddle role once again, but given the high intensity as a result of these added stipulations, the pros far outweigh the cons. Adding to the mix would be the as-yet-unrevealed identity of the anonymous General Manager of Raw, and R-Truth, in his nosy buddy role, while The Miz and Alex Riley continue to wait in the wing for an opportunity to cash in the Money-In-The-Bank title shot.

Now that is one intensive, drama-filled match for the ages.

Predicted Winner: Wade Barrett
The writers have pretty much wrote themselves into a corner if Cena don't turn heel here. This could get pretty damn long, but I'll be summarizing the different probable scenarios here.

1) Barrett Wins
a) Barrett wins
Cena begrudgingly gives Barrett the victory, despite calling the match right in the middle without turning heel, then proceed to feud with both Orton and The Nexus simultaneously.

b) Barrett wins, Cena turns heel
Cena screwed Orton by giving him an Attitude Adjustment, then giving Barrett the three counts. Probably he will also take off he referee shirt to reveal the Nexus black tee. My pick would be this.

c) Barrett wins, The Miz cashes in
Cena called it down the middle and Barrett wins. Then The Miz appeared to cash in, and Cena enthusiastically played the referee role once more.

2) Orton wins

a) Orton wins
Cena called it down the middle, and Orton wins. On Monday Night Raw, prepare yourself for a tearful farewell from Cena. Cena get to have some downtime for his movie. On Royal Rumble, Cena makes his triumphant return. This is hands down, the most terrible ending we can potentially get.

b) Orton wins, The Miz cashes in
Cena called it down the middle and Orton wins. Then The Miz appeared to cash in.

R-Truth, in his minimal role as the nosy friend of Cena, might factor in all above scenarios somehow but would remain inconsequential given his mid-card status.

Obviously, I'm making a bold guess here picking scenario 1b, as I did last PPV when I predict Barrett winning the title despite noticing how an easy way out would be some kind of a non-finish. But this is truly WWE's best shot if they ever wanted to turn Cena heel. Would WWE be bold enough to turn on their PG-TV demographic by making Cena a heel?

World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. Edge

Who would have thought that the "eternal battle" between The Undertaker and Kane will end in a three-match losing streak for the Deadman? Definitely not us, and probably not even the WWE writers. It was initially highly expected that Kane will be losing his title to The Undertaker at the third and final match-ups in their three-month-long feud, but The Undertaker unexpectedly ran into some health issues. With the Deadman's undefeated streak being a signature feature of WrestleManias, WWE just can't risk losing the Deadman to some injuries picked up in the middle of the year.

And here we are, as Kane finds himself still the World Heavyweight Champion since July. And the Edge, in his tweener role, finds himself back in the league of babyfaces, facing the Big Red Machine in a title bout.

Match-quality wise, this should be one of those average power vs. speed types.

Predicted Winner: Kane
After painstakingly giving Kane an unprecedented strong status, it is unlikely that WWE will be switching the title in such hasty manner, especially when the feud between both Edge and Kane still have some momentum. Oh, and the fact that the next PPV will be TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, incidentally, Edge's specialty match-types.

Team Mysterio vs. Team Del Rio (Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match)

Team Mysterio, led by Rey Mysterio, along with Kofi Kingston, Chris Masters, Big Show and Montel Vontavious Porter, against Team Del Rio, led by Alberto Del Rio, along with Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes.

I have earlier talked about the overkill of over-booked massive matches as such, with the eponymous Bragging Rights Tag Team Elimination Match last month, two Fatal 4-Way matches at Fatal 4-Way, two eight-man ladder matches at Money in the Bank, a seven-on-seven elimination match at SummerSlam, a six-pack challenge at Night of Champions.

Nevertheless, we should count our luck that there is but only one from SmackDown, and given that this is Survivor Series, it is indeed a nice throwback at the Survivor Series of olden days. While massive matches as such are a way to ensure more exposure for Superstars lower down the card, this one unfortunately exposed the miserable depth of SmackDown's roster. Chris Master in a PPV semi-main event?

With the myriad quality of the Superstars involved, this should be fun, though thoroughly forgettable.

Predicted Winners: Team Del Rio
With the numbers of heel wins I'm expecting, I should probably give this to Team Mysterio, but I reckon the heels required the heat it pathetically needed.

United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase

The real sad news from this match-up is the fact that the long-anticipated match-up between CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, I mean, Daniel Bryan, has been indefinitely postponed due to Punk's injury.

DiBiase dropping his Million Dollar Man Jr. gimmick is a good move, but he's just not good enough, in-ring abilities-wise, to keep up with the amazing prowess of Bryan.

Predicted Winner: Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan continues his runaway PPV victories.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kaval

Ziggler vs. Bryan, in last month's Bragging Rights, is, in fact, the best match that stole the show bar none. With Kaval cashing in his title shot won in NXT season two, we can expect yet another match of the show contender here.

Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler
While one might argue that if Kaval loses despite utilizing his NXT title shot might make the win insignificant, I am absolutely willing to argue that the dismal show is totally devoid of any significance, and by Kaval losing, there's nothing to be lost here.

WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

Two relatively unknowns that have the WWE Tag Team Championships literally handed over to them, facing a team of comedy acts. This is WWE's tag team faction at its height. Lowest height, adding the Hart Dynasty breakup angle on Monday.

That said, Justin Gabriel is quite the performer and has enough ring presence to carry the match, for as hellish long as it has to be.

Predicted Winner: Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater
The Nexus is going to look strong here.

John Morrison vs. Sheamus

While the announcement of this match-up were decidedly last minute, the build-up of the feud has been running for some time. The "punishing a bully" storyline might seemed corny but we have saw the two clashed on Raw Roulette and this one should look good. And it is obligatory to add the below line for any match-up involving Sheamus: Triple H might just return for his revenge.

Predicted Winner: Sheamus
Morrison needs the victory more so than Sheamus but I doubt the management would let Sheamus loses his momentum with a revenge match with the cerebral assassin in the horizon.

Self-professed "Co-Divas Champions" Layla & Michelle McCool vs. Natalya (2-on-1 Handicap Match)

Welcome to the third month of this never-ending feud, a distinct display of the depth in the current Diva's division. While Natalya continues to prove that she is the best woman wrestler in the company, the "mean girls" angle of LayCool remains to be so strong that their storyline is getting some bizarre longevity.

Predicted Winners: Natalya
For a feel-good moment where a Hart wins a title at the Survivor Series.


The Rundown

The rave over the main event is unseen since HBK's last match at WrestleMania XXVI. Fans have long waited for a Cena heel turn which might just be the Hogan sell-out of this generation. And with the tease of the turn being so strong, we expect a highly entertaining main event with swerves galore. The rest of the match-ups are also relative strong when compared to the previous PPVs. This should be one to look out for.


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