Altered Beast: App Attack

Posted by Grey Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Rise from your grave".

So said Zeus.

It certainly has been one hell of a while since we last did an App Attack on the state of the world of iPhone gaming. And what a different world we have found ourselves in now, and all because of one single title: Infinity Blade, the be-all-end-all of iPhone gaming that took the niche market to a whole new level. We will rabble ourselves silly on that one but the undisputed best iPhone ever is not our topic for today. Ironically, it's a blast from the past that rejuvenated the nearly-defunct App Attack, courtesy of Sega's old school classic arcade game, Altered Beast (獣王記).

A fairly memorable game at its time with beastly protagonist/s and monster bosses lifted right out of the fables kids just getting acquainted with, Altered Beast is a "Beat 'em up"-styled game released for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1989. Featuring the now-iconic phrase in its opening, "Rise from your grave", the side scrolling adventure follows the exploits of a dead centurion that has been raised from the dead by Zeus to rescue his daughter, Athena from a Demon God called Neff in the Underworld. Yes, while the term "centurion" was a rank in the Roman Army, Zeus, the ruler of Greek pantheon of Gods, actually approached a protagonist with a most distinctly different background. Guessed the developers got their history lessons all mixed up. The centurion in question was granted the power to shape shift into several forms in the quest.

The release of the classic side scrolling arcade game continues Sega's mission to re-release its classic catalogue on the iPhone and iPod platforms. Fans of the game can rejoice that they can play it just like the original with the bluetooth support for some two-player action.


Sega America
Altered Beast
Category: Games
Price: $4.19
Released: Dec 16, 2010
Size: 5.0 MB
Seller: Sega America
Latest version: 1.0.0



"Summoned from the dead by Zeus, shape shift into various beasts and fight off hordes of demons to rescue Athena.

Transform into a variety of beasts and fight off throngs of demons to rescue his daughter Athena from the evil Neff. The mighty shape shifting god, Neff, will challenge you in various hideous forms in each Boss level, but you are armed to the teeth with transformative tricks of your own!

Collect three Spirit Balls to power up and transform into a new Altered Beast in each round: Werewolf, Weredragon, Werebear, Weretiger and a Golden Werewolf.

Battle five bosses and 17 demon types with kicks and punches while in human form, and special Altered Beast attacks once you shape shift.

Use Bluetooth Peer-to-Peer Multiplayer to team up with a friend to take Neff down (Bluetooth required – available only for 2nd generation or better iPhone & iPod touch and 3.x OS)

English, French, German, Italian

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later


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