Happy Holidays! From The Daily Zombies

Posted by Grey Friday, December 24, 2010

The Daily Zombies says Happy Holiday by bringing you an unique ensemble of Holiday Cards around the world... wide web.

With no further ado... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Zombies attack Christmas! By Tina Sea Monster, with prints available here, and here, at ETSY.

The Rock gets a taste of his own medicine (Rock Bottom! Rock Bottom! channel a little good ol' JR here) from Santa, in this Greeting card from THQ's upcoming WWE All Stars.

Isaac Clarke is indeed still badly traumatized by what transpired in Dead Space.

A little greeting is in due before you murder your maker, as it would seemed in this greeting from the Prototype 2 team.

Greetings from Prinny and the crew from Disgaea.

People Can Fly, the developer behind the upcoming Sci-Fi First Person Shooter, Bulletstorm decorates a special Christmas tree with bodies and grenades in this greeting video.

And also a greeting card.

The official Lucas Arts Holiday Card.

Germán Orozco's delightfully creepy Christmas card is available in prints at Germán Orozco Shop.

Greetings from Ryu, Chris Redfield, Amaterasu, and Mega Man.

Happy Holiday from WB's Harry Potter and Lego.

A Demonic Christmas Tree by Patricio Oliver from The Tenebrae.

Blizzard delivers a greeting card of Cataclysmic proportions.

The folks at Insomniac wishes you "Happy Holiday" the only way they can... with the Chimera in a tiny Christmas hat.

Happy Holidays from Bayonetta, Sonic, and the crew from Sega.

A Cthulhu Santa from Funcom.
CD Projekt Red offers their best non-linear wishes with the crew from the Witcher PC role-playing series.
Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution toughen himself up for the Santa role.

"The Batman Inc office Christmas party" by Nick Perk, directed by ComicBookResources.

"Comedian singing “baby, it’s cold outside” to Silk Spectre" by Nick Perk as well.

"Santa Mojo and his X-Babies Elves" by Michael Magtanong, directed by ComicBookResources.

From Chris Giarrusso, of chrisgcomics.com.

From Dan Hipp, the artist for graphic novels like the epic revenge series GYAKUSHU!, and THE AMAZING JOY BUZZARDS.

From Chris Samnee, the current artist on "Thor: The Mighty Avenger".

Greetings from Guerrila, the developers behind the Killzone series.


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