Tyler Stout’s Final ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Posters

Posted by Grey Friday, December 31, 2010

We here at The Daily Zombies are more than familiar with Tyler Stout's work (here). With these final posters on the original trilogy of Star Wars, prepare yourself for the final masterpieces from the master.

From Mondo Tees's Creative Director Justin Ishmael himself:

We received the Star Wars posters in order. We planned the whole series and their releases in advance, yet none of it quite worked as originally intended. We had two prints with Yoda, and a few of Luke, and we originally hoped it would be several weeks or months between Yoda, and several weeks or months between A New Hope and an Empire, then skipping between movies. We had this whole document with everything laid out and then complications came up. The artists didn’t get it in on time, or LucasFilm didn’t approve this one, or approved this one. So, we shelved our initial schedule and simply released them when we got them in.

Tyler’s, however, were always going to be the last ones. It was always going to be the main event. A New Hope, Empire, and Jedi. It was really exciting to get his first one in, because with Tyler he’s actually doing movie posters whereas most of the other Star Wars stuff, with the exception of Olly Moss, have been art prints of moments or concepts. Having him do actual movie posters was a big deal because he was nervous, and rightfully so, of all the great posters that come before.

He's going up against the Brothers Hildebrandt stuff or Drew Struzan, there’s so many people. Even though we had the Star Wars license we had to figure out ways to do new things and a lot of people were pushy like, “Oh your stuff is not exciting because your Hoth print was just a probe droid.”

We were taken aback. “You could have done a thing at that battle scene,” we'd hear. But we were very, very versed in what existed before and we didn’t want to do things that were already out. There are several posters of Hoth battle scenes. We wanted to do something of the calm before the storm. There was definitely a reason why we did things, so Tyler’s stuff was a deliberate choice.

There are forums on the Internet where people have lists of stuff that they want to see from us. Top 10 lists. At the top of a lot of those were Star Wars, mainly The Empire Strikes Back by Tyler. These are kind of like dream projects. That isn’t why we went out to Star Wars, not to fill these lists, or check it off, but its cool to do something that nobody expects.


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