Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - New Trailer

Brace yourself for the big screen arrival (I know this ain't no MCU but still) of your new friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Miles Morales. And Spider-Gwen, Gwen Stacy.
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - New Trailer

Days Gone – This World Comes For You Trailer - Zombie of the Week

With PlayStation exclusive Days Gone set to miss its planned 2018 release window, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Bend Studio has released a new trailer ahead of E3 to give us an all-too-brief look at the much-anticipated zombie apocalypse survival horror title.
Days Gone – This World Comes For You Trailer - Zombie of the Week

The Girl in the Spider's Web: First Look

Lisbeth Salander returns on the big screen to kick down misogyny and patriarchy with Claire Foy taking over the role from Rooney Mara in The Girl in the Spider's Web.
The Girl in the Spider's Web: First Look

Halloween: First Look - Undead Monday

This Undead Monday, we take a First Look at David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's unique take on one of the most iconic unkillable slasher on the big screen in Halloween (yeah, just Halloween), an alternate sequel to the original classic by John Carpenter in 1978.
Halloween: First Look - Undead Monday

Devil May Cry 5: First Look - E3 2018

Thank the Devil. Forget Ninja Theory's misguided alternate take on everybody's favorite demon-hunting mercenary, Dante, in 2013's DmC: Devil May Cry. A true sequel to Devil May Cry 4 has been announced today during Microsoft's E3 press conference as we head back to the original (and much, much rad) reality with Dante, Nero and a strangely spunky sidekick named Nico.
Devil May Cry 5: First Look - E3 2018

Cyberpunk 2077: First Look - E3 2018

From the makers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt gave us a closer look at their next big thing, Cyberpunk 2077, at E3 today.
Cyberpunk 2077: First Look - E3 2018

Death Stranding E3 2018 Trailer

It's E3, and Hideo Kojima is back with yet another intensely atmospheric, visually stunning, weirdly solid sci-fi trailer of his much-anticipated PlayStation exclusive open-world sci-fi action title, Death Stranding.
Death Stranding E3 2018 Trailer

The Disco Exorcist: Undead Monday

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This Undead Monday, bring on the Disco Inferno.

There's just so many taglines for this one. So much so that you already see two on the poster.

"Get down. To Hell."
"He's the Boogie Man, Baby."

From New England's genre film director, Richard Griffin (the maker of NUN OF THAT and BEYOND THE DUNWICH HORROR, and if you know all these films, you are a better man than I am), comes this retro-horror epic promised with boogie, blood, and boobs aplenty.

From the official press release:

THE DISCO EXORCIST, a 70's horror epic full of boogie, blood, and boobs, stars Michael Reed, Sarah Nicklin, Ruth Sullivan, Brandon Luis Aponte, Rich Tretheway, Gio Castellano, and Babette Bombshell as "Bernie Munghat". THE DISCO EXORCIST was directed by Richard Griffin, produced by Ted Marr, written by Tony Nunes and photographed by Jill Poisson.

THE DISCO EXORCIST will have its world premiere at the beautiful Cable Car Cinema and Cafe in Providence Rhode Island on February 12th at 11pm. Tickets will be $9.00 at the door. Why so late you might ask? Well, THE DISCO EXORCIST is a film of a HIGHLY adult nature... and due to shocking scenes of sex, violence and nudity nobody, we mean NOBODY under 18 will be admitted into the theater!

Reminiscence of the fake trailers in Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's 2007 Grindhouse, the film's trailer also spots the generic vintage theater snipes. Hit the jump to check some awfully-missed B'film awfulness.

For more details on the film check out Scorpio Film's website. In the meantime, here's some of the still from the horror/exploitation film.

Source: Scorpio Film

Alien Vs. Dead Space 3D

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Dead Space week continues with this stellar crossover fan art in 3D.

In mind-boggling 3D, Vitor Zago brings you the next chapter in Alien's long-standing crossover saga over at DeviantArt. Meet Isaac Clarke, you bitch!

Isaac Clarke nightmare could be a lot worse!

I bet he can rip off the xenomorph's head or at least the both arms, but can he survive to the acid blood bath? I doubt!

Check out the original piece in standard color, then put on that funny red and blue glasses to check out the image in 3D.

Source: Vitor Zago at DeviantArt

WWE Royal Rumble Preview

Posted by Grey

The Road to WrestleMania officially kicks off as the 24th annual Royal Rumble takes place tonight at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Prepared yourself for the biggest Rumble ever.

After taking a six-week hiatus since the mid-December event, WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, The Daily Zombies's ever-diligent Wrestling PPV Preview returns just in time for the first and arguably, most interesting pay-per-view (PPV) of the year, Royal Rumble.

As per the annual tradition of Royal Rumble, the winner of the PPV's namesake match will move on to headline the subsequent WrestleMania to challenge for the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship, setting the tone for the Road to WrestleMania. But this year, the opportunity to kick-start the Road to WrestleMania gets even more harder than ever as an unprecedented forty Superstars will be involved in the Royal Rumble match, vying for the much-coveted price of performing in the main event of "The Greatest Stage Of Them All", WrestleMania.

In the meantime, due to the immensely star-studded Royal Rumble match, all other matches were made to look like an under-card match, with Dolph Ziggler challenging Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship, Randy Orton challenging WWE's "Must See" Champion, The Miz, for the WWE Championship, and last, and the least, Natalya will take on former champions LayCool in the same 2-on-1 Handicap Match where she initially won the Divas Championship.

Who will emerge victorious tonight? Allow us here at The Daily Zombies to look into our undead crystal ball for our preview and prediction.

Anyway, We have had quite a field day for our prediction on last month's WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, hitting a killer hit rate of five out six match right on the money. Bring on the Royal Rumble and let's see how we gonna fare this time round?

40-Man Royal Rumble Match

Royal Rumble Match: Consisting of thirty men, beginning with two in the ring. At regular timed intervals, one of the remaining 38 wrestlers enters the ring, with the objective of eliminating all other opponents. When all others have been eliminated, the winner of the event will get an one-way-ticket to headline WrestleMania, being the number one contender to the title of his choosing.

With WWE upping the ante this year with an unprecedented forty Superstar participating in the eponymous Royal Rumble match, the hype is definitely catching with the fans, as the unpredictability of the match seemingly gets even wilder. I said "seemingly" for the simple reason that despite all the hype, the fact remains that only a handful of selected Superstars can in fact be deemed eligible to headline the subsequent WrestleMania. Say, can you imagine Zack Ryder challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVII?

With that out of the way, we remained intrigued at the potential character drama, obligatory major Superstar return, and impromptu participation by surprise guest stars, all elements of an effectual Royal Rumble. Past feuds gets reignited, future feud gets started and current feuds intensified.

As a helpful indication of what to expect, here's a detailed breakdown of the wrestlers that have been confirmed as participants for the Royal Rumble match. Please note that list is in the order of announcement of qualification of the respective participants and are not indicative of the entry order for the match itself.

1) Alberto Del Rio - SmackDown
2) R-Truth - Raw
3) Rey Mysterio - SmackDown
4) John Cena - Raw
5) CM Punk - Raw
6) David Otunga - Raw
7) Husky Harris - Raw
8) Michael McGillicutty - Raw
9) King Sheamus - Raw
10) Daniel Bryan - Raw
11) John Morrison - Raw
12) Ted DiBiase - Raw
13) Mark Henry - Raw
14) Darren Young - Raw
15) David Hart Smith - Raw
16) Primo - Raw
17) Tyson Kidd - Raw
18) William Regal - Raw
19) Yoshi Tatsu - Raw
20) Zack Ryder - Raw
21) Ezekiel Jackson - SmackDown
22) Heath Slater - SmackDown
23) Justin Gabriel - SmackDown
24) Wade Barrett - SmackDown
25) Mason Ryan - Raw
26) Jack Swagger - SmackDown
27) Drew McIntyre - SmackDown
28) Chris Masters - SmackDown
29) JTG - SmackDown
30) Kane - SmackDown
31) Kofi Kingston - SmackDown
32) The Big Show - SmackDown
33) Santino Marella - Raw
34) Vladimir Kozlov - Raw

So that leaves us six unknown spots. Before we proceed with our prediction on the eventual winner of the Royal Rumble, allow us to fill the six unknown spots with our prediction. Rumors have been rampant online circulating a list of surprise entrants from logical (Triple H, Evan Bourne), to potential (The Undertaker, Skip Sheffield), to probable (Awesome Kong), to inane wild shots (Sting! Kevin Nash! Brock Lesnar!). Here's our wild guesses (again not the entry order, but in order of the likelihood):

35) Triple H - His big return before WrestleMania was all but guaranteed and what better time and place than in Royal Rumble to take out Sheamus, and likely himself out to further the feud.
36) The Undertaker - It's about damn time too, if they were to actually install the Deadman in WrestleMania XXVII, which is an unthinkable idea if there weren't any plans to.
37) Evan Bourne - It's about time to make his return from his injury.
38) Christian - Another likely return from injury.
39) Skip Sheffield/Michael Tarver - The return of both NXT rookies from their respective injuries remains likely.
40) Chris Jericho - In my opinion, the most interesting return if the online rumor turned out to be true. In his twitter post in response to a question of when he will be returning to WWE, he wrote "10:43pm", deemed as many as an indication of the #40 entrants of the Royal Rumble.

With an unprecedentedly star-studded roster participating in the match, we are sticking to our Royal Rumble tradition last year by picking out five likely winners (incidentally, our fourth choice last year, Edge, struck gold). You might think we are cheating here, but five out of forty is like one out of eight, the standard amount of participants in a "Money In The Bank" match. Any self-respecting professional wrestling viewers would know the difficulty in that, and if you have been watching our Wrestling PPV Preview, you would have by now realized that most of the time, we are predicting the results of a one-on-one singles match with a fifty percent of striking the right results.

Predicted Winners: 1) John Morrison
The winner of the best match of last month's TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV. The Ladder Match for the #1 contender for the WWE Championship with Sheamus was an excellent testament of the agility and overall in-ring ability of both contestants, and in particular, John Morrison.

So why kill the momentum for the WWE Championship match against former tag-team partner which took two weeks to build up? Our guess: For this. Just so that Morrison can win the Royal Rumble. In style.

Traditionally, Royal Rumble molds midcard Superstar and catapult them into the title picture. This is exactly what "The Guru of Greatness" lacks in confirming his arrival in the upper card.

Predicted Winners: 2) John Cena
Before you moan and cry over this choice, let's face the reality. Winning the Royal Rumble is a big deal. So what can be even bigger than winning the Royal Rumble? Winning the biggest Royal Rumble ever. Which is just what the WWE management and bookers might do to further elevate Cena's status among the icons.

Predicted Winners: 3) CM Punk
Yet another interesting development if this were to really happen. And it just might, in order to further cement Punk and the New Nexus's top heel status to face Cena at the upcoming WrestleMania. And the numbers game can be well-played here with the rejuvenated state of the New Nexus.

Predicted Winners: 4) Alberto Del Rio
With the heavy screen presence of Del Rio across both Raw and SmackDown lately, it might just be a sign that he might just achieve his destiny here. A Championship feud with Edge is not overtly interesting but feasible.

Predicted Winners: 5) The Undertaker
My choice for the surprise winning entrant of the year. He's the Deadman, and there's no need for explanation on why he can win.

WWE Champion The Miz vs. Randy Orton

The rematch from last month's PPV. The Miz outdoes Orton almost at every turn since the announcement of the rematch despite Orton being absolutely over whichever show he is on. Which makes you wonder: Does Orton really need the title? And can The Miz escape from The Viper one last time?

Predicted Winner: The Miz
WWE's "Must See" Champion has been doing the "weak heel champion" routine exceedingly well. Meanwhile, Orton continues to be massively over both in and out of the ring. Based on the two facts, we already know who will be holding the WWE Championship up high by the time this is over. The only question remain would be whether The Miz is finally getting a clean win over Orton or are we heading for a DQ here.

World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler

Argh... almost the kind of demented bizarre love triangle you might just like. If you are the likes of Michael Cole or Matt Striker.

For those who missed out on the latest episode of Smackdown, Guerrero, the acting General Manager in place of the injured Theodore Long, has banned Edge from utilizing his finisher, Spear, in the match that if he were to use the move, his title would be stripped.

What I described as "throwaway title shot featuring up-and-coming midcarders in their first title opportunity" when I was predicting Morrison and Sheamus #1 contender Ladder Match last month eventually turned out to be this one. Other than the fact this ain't no any "throwaway title shot". Ziggler has stepped up greatly in his role, providing some very well-deserved heel heat along with the natural heel heat magnet, Vickie Guerrero, with capable in-ring abilities.

With not much competition, this should be the show-stealer of the show.

Predicted Winner: Edge
The odds against Edge are stacked so well that there's just no way that Ziggler going to win this one. Weird logic? Hey, that's professional wrestling for you.

Divas Champion Natalya vs. Lay-Cool (2-on-1 Handicap Match)

The 2-on-1 Handicap Match that got Natalya her first Divas Championship returns as a rematch. But all I am wondering is whatever happened to Melina with all the build-up (even a heel turn for crying loud) for a title match which got nowhere.

Anyway, as much as we have seen this match repeated ad nauseum in many other forms and shapes, there is one element which might just prove to be the game changer for every WWE Divas: Awesome Kong. Will she make her first appearance in WWE here, building up to a feud against Beth Phoenix?

Predicted Winners: Natalya
It's funny how we are always relatively certain in our prediction but when it comes to a Divas match, it's always a toss. Bearing in mind how Awesome Kong's appearance might just change the whole WWE Divas scene, we decided to stick to Natalya.


The Rundown
WWE PPVs come and go, but if there's two PPV you watch every year, one of them got to be this one (think I said something similar last year). The forty-man Royal Rumble has undoubtedly hyped the event tremendously.

Two New Challengers For Marvel Vs. Capcom 3!

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We are less than three weeks away from the release of Capcom's Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, and yet another two new addition have been announced.

Despite the earlier insistence from producer Ryota Niitsuma tha there would be no more additional characters from the cast of Darkstalkers, we see yet another stock Darkstalkers character joining the cast of Capcom's much anticipated Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, along with another popular Marvel villain.

Hsien-Ko, the cute Chinese zomnbie (the stiff type known as jiāngshī, 僵屍, or rather the Hopping Corpse) joins fellow busty Nightstalkers alumni, Morrigan and Felicia in the fight against Marvel.

Programmed to seek and destroy all mutants, Sentinels are a series of robots feared throughout mutantkind in the Marvel Universe.

Batman Short Film: The Rat

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Bring The Terror From Dead Space 2 To Dragon Age II

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Right after dismantling the Necromorphs on the mining colony "Sprawl" in Visceral Games's Dead Space 2, Isaac Clarke brings his dismembering trades to BioWare 's Dragon Age II.

In a pleasantly surprise cross-promotion between Visceral Games and BioWare, players who purchased Dead Space 2 can bring the terror to Dragon Age II with the exclusive "Ser Isaac of Clarke" armor set. Modeled after Isaac Clarke's signature rig, players can activate the armor with a one-time use, non-transferable code found in Xbox 360 and PC versions of Dead Space 2, including body armor, boots, gauntlets and a helm, each bringing extra benefits to the players in Dragon Age II. As for owners of PlayStation 3, a code exclusively for PS3 usage will also be provided.

From the official press release:

The chilling tales of Ser Isaac of Clarke are a favorite of bards performing in the wee hours of the night. In dank taverns throughout Thedas, these horror-filled stories captivate listeners and bring nightmares to those faint of heart.


Ser Isaac’s Boots
- Increases armor
- Requires high dexterity and cunning

Ser Isaac’s Armor
- Heavy Armor
- Contains a rune slot
- Increases armor
- Requires high dexterity and cunning

Ser Isaac’s Gauntlets
- Increases armor
- Requires high dexterity and cunning

Ser Isaac’s Helm
- Contains a rune slot
- Increases armor
- Critical damage factor
- Requires high dexterity and cunning

Purchase Dead Space 2 today and get a code* to unlock a special set of Isaac Clarke inspired armor for the upcoming, Action-RPG from BioWare, Dragon Age 2.

Source: Dragon Age II

Fight The Foot

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Cowabunga! The Turtles are back in this fan-made short film.

Grim and gritty, tinged with a dose of dark reality seemed to be the way to go for reboots these days, with the fan-made Mortal Kombat film, Mortal Kombat: Rebirth (now an officially sanctioned web series) being a staple example. In this fan-made short film, "Fight The Foot", the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles returns in a dark and dreary way.

While April O'Neil predictably dumps her signature yellow jacket, the Foot Soldiers also gets a reality-based makeover covered in leather and gas-masks. Fortunately, we did not get to see a more "reality-based" version of the Turtle in question. The action adventure vibe would stopped right on track to turn into a full-blown creature horror feature with that one.

Here's the one-liner synopsis:

April O'Neil reported on a new gang in the streets. Then it got personal. Only those below the streets can help her now.

Dead Space: Zombie/App Of The Week

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Another week brings us yet another Zombie/App Of The Week Hybrid. The third week of January is officially owned by Electronic Arts and Visceral Games's Dead Space franchise with two solid entry hitting out at all fronts. We review Dead Space's first outing into the iPad and iPhone world.

Visceral Games's Dead Space was arguably the surprise runaway hit of 2008. A nail-biting experience driven by a meticulously crafted setting further enhanced by disturbing haunting atmosphere implied in the game title, the game was released to a considerably widespread critical and commercial reception. In the following year, fans of the original were then treated to the Nintendo Wii prequel, Dead Space: Extraction, a markedly different game that is basically a rail shooter. The prequel turned out to be well-received by the critics but failed miserably at reaching consumers, a problem most mature-themed video games encountered in the Wii market.

As the first month of 2011 approaches its end, being big fans of the original Dead Space, we found ourselves having one hell of a kick here with the release of the much anticipated official sequel, Dead Space 2, hitting the stores on the major consoles, and the release of the topic at hand, Dead Space on the iPhone.

Right from the outset, you knew this ain't no some cop-out, shoehorned deviation from the franchise out with the singular intent of ripping off fans of the series. Setting the stage for Dead Space 2, Dead Space on the iPhone, is a sequel to the original Dead Space. Players take on the role of new protagonist, an engineer codenamed Vandal, who is recruited by the Church of Unitology for a nefarious and, of course, highly dangerous secret mission on the mining colony "Sprawl". For those familiar with the plot of the original Dead Space or its Wii prequel, Dead Space: Extraction (incidentally also heading to the PlayStation 3, bundled in the limited edition of Dead Space 2 and available at the PlayStation Network for download purchase), they would know that trouble is indeed not far away. Reanimated bodies reborn in all manner of monstrosities soon overrun the colony, carving a blooding path everywhere they go as Vandal realized that it was his mission objective to unleash the infamous Necromorphs.

Here comes one of the best unique features of the Dead Space series: Bring on the limb-severing hardwares, and the unique gameplay mechanism aptly known as "strategic dismemberment". Regular series favorite like the Saw Gun and the Plasma Cutter returns as players armed themselves to a T to engage themselves in gloriously brutal and visually enticing battle sequence as they severed the Necromorphs literally limb-by-limb through the atmospheric space station in the 12-mission campaign.

Utilizing the same superb minimalist HUD of the original, health bar and ammo count are visually displayed on the character and his respective weapon. That, along with the solitary atmosphere enforced by the game setting, makes for a remarkably immersive gameplay experience as player feels the helplessness and terror in the face of a full-blown Necromorph infection.

For the most part, the action sequence, particularly the dismemberment mechanic, works effectively. However, with a gameplay control element this complex, the ambitious integration of touch screen control and clear, concise execution can lead to certain levels of frustration. For example, while switching between fire modes on a weapon are executed by tilting the device to the side, the precision of the intuitive action is at times clunky enough that you will find yourself inadvertently switching fire modes as you engage in a fire fight due to the shifting. While the problem are likely to occur less often should you be a seasoned player who can shoot with lightning-fast precision or when you are more used to the control scheme, the moment it does happen can very well be your ticket to yet another "Game Over" screen. In conclusion, there are too many gesture-based control that when coordinated in a perfect precision can lead to an all-too perfect action shooter, but in Dead Space, it actually bogged down an otherwise excellent action sequence.

As mentioned earlier, the game succeed in creating the helplessness of Vandal. Ammunition are almost always lacking, thus forcing player, while feeling the dreadful desperation, to always try to come up with a strategy in surviving the encounters with the Necromorphs, or work on the upgrade system for long term stability.

Another issue of the game would be the terribly slow pacing. While we perfectly understand the inevitable necessity of the game stretching out in a rigidly linear sequence, but as a result of the linearity, the gameplay can't help but gradually feels repetitive despite the occasional unscripted instances. Add to the fact that both Vandal and the camera moves inanely slow, the pacing ebbs the flow of the game considerably.

Nevertheless, Dead Space's astounding production values more than make up its slight misgiving at the pacing and control department. Undoubtedly one of the best sound designs in an iPhone game, you can hear the horrendous groans of the creatures in the thick of the action, and the gentle hissing of the aliens in the ventilation system. This is definitely a game where you got to wear your earphones, if not headphones, to play.

Graphic-wise, Dead Space's razor-sharp Retina display is tremendously impressive, and is without a doubt, among some of the very best graphics in all iPhone games. Taking a page from the original, the lighting in the game is sufficiently capable to strike a balance between creepiness and functional. The designs of the Necromorphs remained strong, as are the settings and environment.

In summary, Dead Space on the iPhone is an efficient addition to Visceral Games's critically acclaimed franchise. While the misfiring controls and the eventual slow-pace inevitably ebb the flow of an otherwise excellent games, these misgivings are cancelled out by the phenomenal presentation, engaging action sequences, and the effectively constructed levels.

The official trailer of the game.

And here's a clip displaying the amazing gameplay sequence of the game.


The Rundown
Undoubtedly a worthy holder of the brand of Dead Space, now a reputed and proud name in modern Survival Horror games, Dead Space for the iPhone is immensely captivating and enjoyably creepy. As a result of the astounding production values, the game strike a nice balance between intense action, in-depth system, and an overall delightful gaming experience, despite the game's relative weakness in the area of control and pacing. A must-have title for iPhone games enthusiast and fans of Survival Horror games.

The Good
- Phenomenal presentation
- Great sound design
- Excellent visuals
- Intense action sequence
- Astounding atmosphere
- The best Survival Horror title on the iPhone platform so far

The Bad
- Slow pacing
- Somewhat repetitive
- Flawed intuition control

And Dead Space 2 on iPhone?
Given the fact that Dead Space on the iPhone is not a direct port of its multi-console original, we are of the opinion that Visceral Games and Electronic Arts will not take the comparably cheap way of making an inferior iteration of an existing and established product.


For a more transparent understanding on the Game Reviews here in The Daily Zombies, please check out "The Daily Zombie Rating System And Review Policy for Gaming".


Here's the complete application description.

iTunes Download Link: Dead Space

Electronic Arts
Dead Space
Category: Games
Price: $6.99
Updated: Jan 25, 2010
Size: Electronic Arts Inc.
Seller: Electronic Arts Inc.
Current version: 1.0.1



AN ALL-NEW DEAD SPACE STORY – AVAILABLE ONLY ON THE APP STORE. Immerse yourself in events that set the stage for the action-horror storyline of Dead Space 2. Featuring a hardcore game experience and a rich audio environment specifically designed for your iPhone & iPod touch, this is an original vision of the acclaimed franchise and a true landmark game on the App Store.

Three years have passed since the destruction of the Marker in the first Dead Space story. Now, experience first-hand the events that unleash the Necromorph hordes once again. You’ll find yourself on a mission of uncertain purpose in the Mines of Titan. Soon, however, the truth of your situation will become grotesquely clear…

Featuring a fully voice-acted stereo soundtrack, plus a movie-quality score and sound effects, we recommend experiencing the game with headphones for full immersion. Hear every footstep in the empty passages and feel the tension build as you are pulled deeper into danger. With cutting-edge visuals, rich in effects and atmospheric lighting, Dead Space reproduces the cinematic horror of the console experience and sets a new benchmark for graphical fidelity on the iOS platform.

Intuitive controls have been conceived to maximize the immersive experience of the game on iPhone & iPod touch. The on-screen HUD is seamlessly integrated into the game environment. Navigate 6 varied environments and battle Necromorphs with simple swipe and tap controls that offer accessibility without sacrificing depth. Nothing will break the spell of the story’s adrenaline-driven suspense.

Access the ALL-NEW Plasma Saw and Core Extractor, plus 3 more weapons from the Dead Space universe – and get on with the business of strategic dismemberment. In addition, utilize true physics-based Kinesis and Stasis Modules well-known to players of the original Dead Space console game.

Built into the context of the Dead Space environment, the in-game Store enables you to instantly purchase and download upgrades to help you survive the Necromorph onslaught. Get additional Power Nodes to enhance weapons at the Bench or to unlock sealed doors. Increase your offensive and defensive capabilities with Weapon Output and Armor Integrity Modules. Or get the Credit Booster to scavenge more credits from dismembered Necromorphs.

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Codenamed: NGP (Next Generation Portable)

Posted by Grey

Say hello to my little friend. Meet Sony's successor to PlayStation Portable (PSP), codenamed: NGP, an acronym of Next Generation Portable.

In retrospect, we here at The Daily Zombies have avoided coverage on the much-rumored PSP2 wisely. All eyes were on the special press conference held by Sony on Thursday (27th January) for major announcement on the future of the portable faction of the PlayStation family. And Sony certainly didn't disappoint.

At the press conference, Sony officially unveiled a new portable touchscreen gaming device, codenamed "NGP" for Next Generation Portable, as the successor to the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Scheduled to arrive in time for the 2011 holiday season, NGP is more than a worthy successor to the PSP (and the false messiah, PSP Go). Boasting 3G mobile connectivity and WiFi, the device features a five-inch (960x544 resolution, four times the current PSP) OLED (organic light-emitting diode) touchscreen, a GPS receiver, tilt-sensitive SIXAXIS controls system, a special rear panel touchpad to control unique actions, front and back cameras, gyroscopic controls, as well as dual analog sticks.

Boasting the power of PlayStation 3, NGP will also support PlayStation Network Trophies. More significantly, say goodbye to the UMD. NGP utilizes a new form of media storage for games: A small flash memory-based card dedicated for NGP software titles. The cards will store full game titles along with add-on game contents and save data. Higher capacity cards are expected in the future to allow developers to store more data, resulting in an ever-evolving gaming environment.

Via an all-new interface called LiveArea, users will have access to the latest information on games from developers and publishers through the PlayStation Network. Similar to the XMB before it, LiveArea allows users to access different parts of the PlayStation space while viewing an Activity log that is constantly updated with accomplishments from users who are playing the same game, which can trigger active real time communication among users.

Pictures worth a thousand words, and video probably worth a millions. Check out the below video from NetworkWorld to have a comprehensive summary on the NGP.

Take a good look at the sexy beast from all angle before coming back for the hardware specifications.

Quite the sexy beast, isn't it?

Courtesy of PlayStation UK, here's the full speculations:

Specifications for NGP

ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core)


External Dimensions:
Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection)

Screens (Touch Screen):
5 inches (16:9), 960 x 544, approx. 16 million colours, OLED multi touch screen, capacitive type

Rear touch pad:
Multi touch pad, capacitive type

Front camera, rear camera

Built-in stereo speakers, built-in microphone

Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer), three-axis electronic compass

Built-in GPS, Wireless location service support

Keys / Switches:
PS button, Power button, Directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left), Action buttons
(Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square), Shoulder buttons (Right/Left), Right stick, Left stick, START button, SELECT button, Volume buttons (+/-)

Wireless communications:
Mobile network connectivity (3G), IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1x1) (Wireless), (Infrastructure Mode/Ad Hoc Mode), Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP)

So exactly how big is the NGP? It is quite huge, as indicated by Kotaku in the image below:

While a slew of demo was on full display during the event, many were just tech demo to demonstrate the power of the device. Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima himself was on stage to show off a real-time demo of a cutscene from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, with the announcement that he will be presenting his new project at the upcoming E3. Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi also turned to showed off a video demo of Yakuza: Of the End.

Till now, confirmed titles are Uncharted: Portable, Hustle Kings, Hot Shots Golf Next, as well as new iterations of Killzone, Wipeout, Resistance, Monster Hunter, LittleBigPlanet, Dynasty Warriors, and Call of Duty.

Here's list of current third-party publishers and developers supporting the NGP: Grasshopper, IREM, Level 5, Namco Bandai, Square Enix, Ubisoft, 2K Games, Rockstar, Capcom, SEGA, Tecmo Koei, Konami, Epic, Activision. Just so that you can have a good idea of expecting what's coming up next. For the few PSP Go owners concerned over the playability of their existing downloaded PlayStation Portable game, you can rest easy knowing that the device will be backwards compatible, supporting any downloadable PlayStation Portable game once existing owners transfer their digital content over to the new device.

Till now, we do like what we have seen and are feeling rather optimistic for Sony in the upcoming next-gen handheld gaming device war. While the price of NGP has yet to be announced, our gut feeling is that it is not going to be too high just to keep its competitiveness against Nintendo 3DS, despite the notorious prediction by GameStop (a penny shy of a grand!) Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one.

In the meantime, here's the official press release from PlayStation UK:

Sony Computer Entertainment introduces the next generation portable entertainment system that will make its debut in 2011.

On 27 January 2011 at a specially convened press conference in Tokyo, Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) announced its next generation portable entertainment system (code name: NGP), which delivers the ultimate portable entertainment experience.

NGP will arrive at the end of 2011 and is designed to offer unparalleled interactive entertainment that only PlayStation can deliver. This new system offers a revolutionary combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real world context, made possible by maximising SCE's experience from both PSP and PlayStation 3.

Deep and immersive gaming is at the core of the PlayStation DNA, and NGP is the latest embodiment of this vision. By having both Wireless and 3G network connectivity, together with various applications, NGP will enable infinite possibilities for users to connect, share and play with friends wherever they are.

The device includes a range of features that provide a genuinely cutting-edge, next generation, ultimate portable entertainment experience, such as:

Stunning OLED and Revolutionary User Interface
NGP incorporates a beautiful multi touch, 5-inch organic light emitting display (OLED) as the front display. A high performance CPU / GPU combined with OLED enables rich, visually striking graphics never seen before on a portable entertainment system, for both games and other digital entertainment content. The new system also incorporates a unique multi touch pad on the rear, and together with the front touch display, NGP offers new gameplay allowing users to interact directly with games in three dimension-like motion, through "touch, grab, trace, push and pull" hand movements.

Super Oval Design and Dual Analog Sticks
While succeeding the basic design philosophy of PSP, NGP adopts the Super Oval Design form factor, created to fit comfortably in users' hands. For the first time, a portable entertainment system will feature two analog sticks, which enable a wider range of genres to be brought into the world of portable videogaming.

Every game title for NGP will be provided with a space called LiveArea™ where users can share the fun and excitement with other players. Users will have access to the latest information on games from developers and publishers via PlayStation Network. Additionally, NGP users will be able to view an Activity log that is constantly updated with accomplishments from users who are playing the same game, which can trigger active real time communication among users.

SCE will also provide location-based services on NGP as part of the basic features utilising PlayStation Network. The new application called Near, developed specifically for this service and the network, will be pre-installed on the system to let users find out what their friends in the vicinity are playing right now or what they were playing recently. Users can meet their friends and new players virtually, regardless of what games they are playing, simply by sharing their game information across the dimensions of time and distance.

New Game Medium
NGP adopts a new game medium, a small, flash memory based card, dedicated for NGP software titles. Taking advantage of the flash memory feature, this innovative card can store full software titles plus add-on game content or game save data. By adopting a flash memory based card solution, SCE will be able to provide game cards with higher capacity in the future, allowing developers to store more game data to deliver rich and immersive games.

NGP will also come equipped with two cameras, one on the front and one on the rear of the system, as well as three motion sensors, gyroscope, accelerometer and electronic compass, all of which are designed to enable users to enjoy a world of entertainment that is linked with real life experiences.

PlayStation®Suite (PS Suite), announced at the same time as NGP, will also closely co-ordinate with NGP. The newly developed and released game content for Android based portable devices can also be enjoyed on NGP. As a result, users will have access to not only the most leading-edge content, but also some of the more casual experiences that typify the mobile market place.

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