While we have seen quite a number of telling images on how Chris Evans's Captain America (this, this, and this, for example) will eventually look like, we have yet to catch a glimpse on how Hugo Weaving's Red Skull will appear. Until now. Sort of.

Now this is interesting. An almost perfect comic-to-big screen transition for the diabolical Red Skull, if these cool concept arts that are currently making the rounds online turned out to be genuine.

Our undead opinion on this one would be that they are indeed the real deal, judging from its close resemblance in style to the earlier leaked (later confirmed) concept arts of Captain America (sample of it below for your easy reference).

My only (and quite possibly unnecessary) beef with the outfit would be the Hydra emblem on the cool SS uniform with no Nazi Swastika to be found, a point of which I'm quite sure will be showing up in the actual film. If these are indeed the genuine article, expect Hugo Weaving to electrify fans as the comic-movie villain of the year, an honor especially given the tremendous number of comic adaptations this year.

Incidentally, Worst Previews had on yesterday posted a picture showing Hugo Weaving (as Red Skull in his Johann Schmidt disguise) with his hand on the Cosmic Cube.
Regardless of the legit status of the concept art, I'm fully expect a kickass display of unrestrained villainy from Weaving, even if he does indeed turned out to look like what was depicted in this unimpressive fanpic.

Even that beat the abdominal C'grade monster that resembled Meat Boy in the cinematic monstrosity we called the 1990 Captain America movie.

Want a brief glimpse? You don't know what you are asking, seriously.

"Where is the paint of my aunt?"

What the fuck.

Source: Comic Book Movie & Worst Previews


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