Darth Vader Redesigned

Posted by Grey Saturday, January 8, 2011

As far as icon of evil empire is concerned, Darth Vader is hands down the ultimate poster boy. But while his appearance is now legendary, can you imagine him looking otherwise? Sit back and enjoy what these young artists have in mind.

Making reference only to a passage from the original script that first describe the Dark Lord of Sith, Darth Vader himself, illustrator Carlos Villagra, along with several fellow compatriots worked on the impossible: Redesigning Darth Vader.

Villagra explains the Darth Vader Redesign Project:

Me and a couple of co workers(Jim Groman and Jorge Lacera) thought it might be cool to redesign Darth Vader. It was fun to think of it as if he was never designed before and all we had to go by was the passage that first describes him in the script. I was hesitant at first because how could u hope to redesign something so cool and iconic but then i thought fuck it lets do it. It was more fun than i thought and i hope you guys like it.

And here's the passage in question:

INTERIOR: REBEL BLOCKADE RUNNER - MAIN HALLWAY. The awesome, seven-foot-tall Dark Lord of the Sith makes his way into the blinding light of the main passageway. This is Darth Vader, right hand of the Emperor. His face is obscured by his flowing black robes and grotesque breath mask, which stands out next to the fascist white armored suits of the Imperial stormtroopers. Everyone instinctively backs away from the imposing warrior and a deathly quiet sweeps through the Rebel troops. Several of the Rebel troops break and run in a frenzied panic.Here's what Lord Vader might have looked like if he was a product in 2006.

Carlos VillagraJames Groman
Jorge Lacera

Ralph McQuarrie

Source: The Swedish Bed via The Daily What


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