This week marks the official release of DC Comics and Sony Online Entertainment's ambitious MMORPG, DC Universe Online. We here at The Daily Zombies are extremely thrilled at a potentially effective superhero MMORPG, and would like to commemorate the event with a visual gallery of the amazing character arts and wallpaper of the title.

Yes, the long awaited superhero MMORPG featuring not just any superheroes (sorry, City of Heroes, there's no comparison to the real deal) but the original superheroes (sorry Marvel, for now) has finally arrived.

First announced in July 2008, DC Universe Online, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the DC Universe, is an ambitious project set out to redefine MMORPG gameplay forever. However, after years of previews from numerous gaming medias, all fans have been receiving were some random screenshots, thereby igniting rumors that the title might have gone the way of the cancelled Marvel Universe Online, which would reportedly take history from 60 years of Marvel Comics as well as integrate current events in the comic books for the gameplay.

With the "Who Do You Trust" trailer shown at the San Diego Comic-Con last year, fans finally get a glimpse of the epic MMORPG title. The main bulk of this awesome trailer is set in an unknown period sometime in the future. The war between superheroes and supervillains has finally escalated into a final chapter as Lex Luthor led an assembled army of supervillains in an all-out war against the superheroes, causing massive destruction across the planet. Taking advantage of Superman's self-imposed exile (of which reasons remain unknown), Luthor managed to disposed most of the superheroes, while laying a fatal entrapment for the Man of Steel. Superman fell right to the ambush and was finally slain by Luthor, who also successfully killed Batman and Wonder Woman. It is only then that Luthor realized that Brainiac is behind the scene, waiting for the opportunity to launch a full invasion on Earth while decimating the population. Luthor's army of supervillains ultimately fell in battle without the aid of the regular superheroes. Being the sole survivor, Luthor travel back in time to present-day DCU to warn the heroes of the impending threat.

With amazingly-choreographed battle sequence and the sense of an apocalyptic end in the final fight, the trailer successfully translate the urgency and importance worthy of a major DCU event, and wowed the crowds at the SDCC.

However, the next step in launching the title was not as smooth as planned as the scheduled release dates experienced a number of unexpected delays with the latest being the recent Fall released being postponed till early 2011. Nevertheless, the registration for the beta was officially kicked off on July 20th, 2010, allowing users to choose their very own desired platforms (PlayStation 3 or PC, that is) to beta test the game. A beta was then finally released on the PlayStation Network for all PlayStation Plus members on December 14th, enjoying a mostly favorable response from fans and critics which generally focused on the genuine fun but unpolished nature of the title. On January 5th, 2011, the beta ends with a bang, with a special end-off event dubbed "Battle of Legends".

With developers announcing two meet-up locations in the game (one in Gotham's Botanical Gardens, and another at Centennial Park in Metropolis), the PVP event took place to allow players from both sides (heroes and villains) to join the final fight where Future Batman faces off against Future Joker, while Superman takes the fight to Lex Luthor, respectively. Unfortunately, due to overwhelming response from the enormous amount of players converging on these two locations, both servers for the PC and PlayStation burned out, and as a result causing many players getting disconnected or crashed out from the game completely.

Interestingly, at the end of these respective battles, Brainiac would eventually show up, causing each event to end with an announcement that Brainiac had taken over the world, resulting in each beta server shutting down, just like what was depicted in the trailer. A most commendable way to end a beta, synchronising the gaming progress to the story in a smart way.

Which leads us to here and now, as the official servers went live again. We have not gotten the opportunity to try out the MMORPG for now but there are enough signs for us to remain optimistic at the project.

Comprising exciting cinematic sequences from the well-received "Who Do You Trust" cinematic trailer and actual gameplay clips, check out the launch trailer of the eagerly anticipated game that has been just released on the launch date.

And as promised, here's the massive visual gallery comprising both of a Wallpaper and a Game Art (mostly by superstar artist Jim Lee) section, courtesy of DC Universe Online's official site.

Are we at the verge of discovering the best MMORPG ever? Taking out its main opponent, Final Fantasy XIV, out without breaking a sweat, DC Universe Online might just clinch the deal.


Character and Game Designs

Source: DC Universe Online


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