Flex Mentallo Is FINALLY Back!

Posted by Grey Saturday, January 8, 2011

Earth has remained doomed since this comic series ran out of print back in 1996. Your chance to save Earth from certain "doom" has now arrived.

Yes, for those who never had the chance, yet remained adamant by not downloading the pirated scans. You will finally have the chance to read all four issues of the legendary Flex Mentallo limited series by the dynamic duo, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.

So just who the hell is Flex Mentallo, and why is this four-issue limited series first published in 1996, one of the most highly sought-after comic series in the history of comics?

Originally a spin-off from Grant Morrison's critically acclaimed, genre-bending run on Doom Patrol as a member of the audience for Danny the Street's Perpetual Cabaret, Flex Mentallo, also known as "The Man of Muscle Mystery" or "The Hero of the Beach", was eventually revealed as a parody of the famous Charles Atlas bodybuilding ad “The Insult That Made a Man Out of Mac” that you can easily find in any American comics in the past.

Incurring the wrath and subsequent legal woes from the Charles Atlas Company for trademark infringement of their "Man out of Mac" advertisements, DC ultimately got out of its legal predicament by winning the suit due to the Fair Use aspect of modern copyright law. However, the incident apparently caused a foul mood surrounding the character in the company that the initially planned collected edition of the four-issue limited series got scrapped and the series remained untouched despite the eventual sky-rocketing popularity of both its creators. (For those interested in the entire legal fiasco, it is readily available at Comic Book Resources's always enlightening Comic Book Legend Revealed series.)

Fast forward to today, where a major announcement were made at Vertigo’s Graphic Content blog:

If you’re a fan of Grant Morrison (and who isn’t?), you’ll be stoked to know that FLEX MENTALLO will be published in book form this year. This marks the first time the four-issue mini-series written by Morrison and illustrated by artist Frank Quitely is being collected. FLEX MENTALLO sprang out of Grant’s mind bending and infamous run on DOOM PATROL.

Pick up this beautiful Deluxe Edition hardcover with bonus material this Fall.

A deluxe hardcover format collecting the entire run of the four-issue limited series of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s Flex Mentallo to be released in Fall 2011? Pray to the comic gods.

Much like the long-exiled school-shooting story in Warren Ellis and Phil Jimenez’s Hellblazer run, "Shoot", DC is taking a revitalized stance in launching their "Vertigo Resurrected" initiative. While an exact price tag and release date for the hardcover has not been released yet, it would be fair to expect some intriguing bonus materials with this one.

Source: Vertigo’s Graphic Content blog


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