WWE All Stars Preview: Macho Man Is Back!

Posted by Grey Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Ooh yeah!" Macho Man Randy Savage is back! Well, kind of, in this upcoming WWE video game pitting current Superstars against the Legends of yesteryears.

For long-time Macho Man fans who only have some Jay Lethal impression of "Black Machismo" to suppress their longing of the much beloved WWE legend, feast upon the latest trailer to WWE and THQ's upcoming WWE All Stars.

Macho Man Randy Savage Lives!

We have earlier spoke at length on WWE All Stars in our first preview of the upcoming wrestling game, and with the release of Macho Man's awesomely vintage (GDYC) promo, we have some new information on the title. With the game not avoiding from the fact that it is in essence, an arcade fighter in the guise of a wrestling game, the action we have seen from the trailer is indeed indicative of the title's over-the-top (to the verge of being cartoony) style. Expect to witness some crazy-ass action with arcobatic opponents flying around the ring with zero sense of gravity while the powerhouse juggle opponents at ease.

In a depart from the recent Smackdown vs. Raw gameplay, the roster of WWE All Stars are split into into four categories: acrobat, big man, brawler and grappler. Arcobats are master of the top rope, while Big Man are the stereotypical powerhouse. Among the many modes are the obligatory wrestler creator system, and a special mode known as the "Fantasy Warfare" where players can pick between a WWE Legend or a current WWE Superstar in a battle to determine who is the strongest of all time.

The game boast a roster of an approximately thirty odd wrestlers with more predictably to come via DLC. Here's the roster that have been confirmed thus far:

John Cena
The Rock
Andre the Giant
Bret Hart
Rey Mysterio
Triple H
John Morrison
"Macho Man" Randy Savage
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
Big Show
Kofi Kingston
The Million Dollar Man (GameStop Exclusive)
Ted Dibiase (GameStop Exclusive)

All in all, WWE All Stars seemed to be a throwback to the good old days of a wrestling arcade fighter.

Check out the gameplay trailer right after the jump, followed by some of the screenshots from the game (from multiple platforms).

WWE All Stars is scheduled to be release on March 29th, 2011.


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