Detroit's RoboCop Statue: First Look!

Posted by The Meme Initiative Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Okay, we confessed: We are big fans of 1987's Sci-Fi classic, RoboCop. And now we are thrilled to bring you a likely first look at how Detroit's RoboCop statue is shaping up to be.

For those who are totally unaware of the story of this one, here's a recap, courtesy of Detroit Needs A RoboCop Kickstarter page.

And like most online stories these days, it all started with Twitter.

We live in a new world, and sometimes it takes funny things to show us all that. On Monday, February 7th a random dude in Massachusetts tweeted a message to Detroit Mayor David Bing:

Shortly after, Mayor Bing tweeted back:
The internet went haywire over the idea. Detroiter John Leonard started a Facebook group called Build a statue of RoboCop in Detroit and galvanized an effort to bring Robo to life. Now, teaming up with friends and doers from around the city, region, country, and world, we're making use of newfangled internet fundraising tools and social networks to can bring this vision to reality.

Voila, the power of the internet! Why yes, the project's goal of $50,000 in fully crowd-sourced funding has been achieved, with Fred Barton Productions stepping up with an offer to donate the use of the very same materials they are using in their RoboCop merchandise to create their amazing 1:1 RoboCop statue.

We're extremely excited to announce that Fred Barton Productions ( has stepped-up with an offer to donate the use of the very same materials they are using to create their amazing 1:1 Robocop statue. Barton’s 1:1 statue has been painstakingly retooled from a variety of studio sources and original stone molds assuring unprecedented accuracy and detail. Detroit’s statue is going to be completely the real deal, scaled-up in size from these pieces. Barton is MGM's Official Licensee for Robocop; they are the leader in studio licensed celebrity robotic replicas -- including the amazing Robocop bust you see below.

While the "Detroit Needs A RoboCop" is undoubtedly awesome, voices of objection against the successful campaign were lurking in online too. And in a strange twist of logic, they actually made perfect sense. Notable writer Ron Marz has kicked off another campaign for better uses of the donation in the Motor City via his Tweets albeit unwittingly.

In his comments to Robot 6, he explained the notions,"This was something that happened completely organically. I saw that the Kickstarter campaign to actually build a RoboCop statue in Detroit had brought in more than $50,000, and it just struck me as kind of ludicrous. So I suggested on Twitter that a chunk of money that size would be better spent doing some real good, like feeding people in a soup kitchen. I’ve never actually met Gary Whitta, but we’ve struck up a friendship via Twitter. Gary suggested that the sort of whimsey the statue represents has a place, and ultimately I agree, but maybe now is not the time or place, when there are hungry people."

The spin-off campaign, now known as RoboCharity, is currently in full swing, with Gary Whitta, the writer of Book of Eli, chipping in the effort.

Marz has responded to the well-received campaign via the same Robot 6 article, "It’s really humbling to have something like this take off and do some real good. I think comic fans in particular are absolutely great about stepping up and doing the right thing. Before Christmas I offered up signed comics in exchange for donations to Toys for Tots, and the same thing happened. We raised a tidy sum, just because people want to do the right thing. It’s kind of crazy, because I’ve never even been to Detroit. Not once. I’ll actually be making my first trip there in September, to appear at Detroit Fanfare. I’d like to figure out something to do at Detroit Fanfare to raise some more funds."

For those keen on participating in the great cause, head over to the Forgotten Harvest website to make a donation.

Newvertheless, it's a good day for Sci-Fi geeks and fans of RoboCop, as well as those good online Samaritans, and more importantly, for Detroit Motor City, all thanks to RoboCop.

For those interested in more details regarding the RoboCop statue, check out this insightful interview conducted by iO9 with Pete Hottelet, a major investor in the RoboCop statue.


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