Fritz Kahn's Retro-Cybernetic Anatomical Art

Posted by Grey Thursday, February 17, 2011

Taking a closer look at Fritz Kahn's awe-inspiring illustrations has been made more convenient than ever.

Among the graphic scene, Berlin gynecologist/artist Dr. Fritz Kahn (1888-1968) has been well-known for his provocative and immensely innovative art style in depicting the human anatomical system as an industrial process.

For the uninformed, check out iO9's featured bio, excerpted right below:

In the 1920s, his magnum opus, "Das Leben des Menschen" (The Life of Man) – a five-volume series – was renowned as a German accomplishment of global repute. In the 1930s, his books were banned and burned by the Nazis, then edited by Kahn's publisher and reissued as plagiarisms with a superimposed anti-Semitic chapter.

The Jewish intellectual was expelled from Germany, and settled in Palestine, later in France. He was eventually able to escape his pursuers, with personal help from Albert Einstein, by immigrating to the U.S., where he successfully continued his career as a bestselling author. He spent his final years in Danish exile and died in Ascona, Switzerland in 1968, when he was almost 80, after an extraordinary life and career.

Visually arresting, his illustration "Der Mensch als Industriepalast (Man as Industrial Palace)" is no doubt one of his most renowned work. And in this astounding animated video by Henning M. Lederer, Kahn's astounding vision comes alive.

Here's some of the awesome works by Kahn.

Source: iO9 (here, and here)


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