In an alternate universe, we would have seen these incredibly ludicrous actions figures for the DC Universe to be released in the 1980s instead of the classic Super Powers Collection from Kenner. Well, this is not that Universe.

Having pleasant memory of Kenner's Super Powers Collection, the line of action figures based on the superheroes and supervillains from DC Comics that was released in the 1980s?

Bid farewell to that pleasant memory if you decide to read on.

Apparently, some time back in the 1980s, Kenner, in an effort to follow up on the well-received Super Powers Collection, decided to tap on some zeitgeist element of the time: The anti-hero, post-apocalyptic "Road Warrior" style of Mad Max. In this line of Kenner Anti-Heroes version of the beloved superheroes of DC Comics, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and more, are transformed into leather-wearing, metal-strapped punks.

These bold designs were eventually scrapped for probable sanity-related issues, and have remained unseen. Until now. A series of these unused, top-secret concept designs have been unveiled and the original art pieces of them made available for auction right here.

Here's the description from the auction page:

This lot of six style guides were likely produced as a proposal for a line of Kenner action figures of "DC Ant-Heroes". Each style guide features images of a major DC hero in three distinct thematic looks -- "Hi-Tech", "Road Warrior" and "Robotic". Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Firestorm, and Cyborg are included (though one has to wonder the sense in a "Robotic" style Cyborg!). Each guide also features an overlay with notes and color codes. The color codes in particular would suggest that these are not "fan art", but rather an actual proposal that was developed for or by Kenner. DC engaged in a large amount of merchandising and licensing in the 1980s, including one with Kenner for the Super Powers line.

The artist on these pieces is unknown, but the Batman piece is dated 1985. It is unknown if these toys went any further in the production process than these guides, but they give us an interesting looking into the creative process with some distinctive images of some very famous DC heroes. Each of these pages has an image area of approximately 10" x 15". This art comes directly from the estate of artist and editor Joe Orlando and it has never been offered for sale before.

Check out the article from Comics Alliance for more in-depth, ahem, analysis on the work. For now, indulge yourself in these maddening kinkiness by checking them out in hi-res.

Unfortunately, for those with a mad-on for more kinky fetish with Batman and his Boy Wonder, the auction has ended.

Source: Comiclink - KENNER DC ANTI-HEROES STYLE GUIDES via Comics Alliance


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