X-Men: First Class: Screen Captures From The First Trailer

Posted by Grey Saturday, February 12, 2011

We have brought you the first trailer to the first class yesterday. Now check out the amazing screen captures courtesy of iO9.

Following their diligent analysis on the first trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger, iO9 has come up with yet another analysis with awesome analysis complete with gorgeous screencaps for X-Men: First Class.

Here's the trailer for those who missed out yesterday.

Watch Professor X gets all sparky-brain, along with some cool sequence of Mad Men's January Jones getting gradually sparkier as Emma Frost. Here's an excerpt from iO9's article. Do head over for the complete analysis.

Zoe Kravitz as Angel Salvatore.
And here's Zoe from the back, showing her dragonfly wings to Charles and Erik.
The Missile Crisis is on! The Blackbird, the X-Men's plane, flies past a battleship.
And Beast, in the cockpit of a plane, looks somewhat alarmed. I've got to say, this version makes the Frazier Crane version look weak by comparison. Nice eyes.
And finally we meet our main villains: the Hellfire Club. Commenter Lawrence Philip Pearce thinks that's Billy Worth at the far left. The other two are Kevin Bacon (!) as Sebastian Shaw, and January Jones as Emma Frost. Who is getting sparkly.
Emma gets a lot sparklier
even sparklier..
And turns all diamondy. Much much cooler looking than in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Which really set the bar somewhere in the Earth's substrate as far as mutant cameos went.
Charles puts on Cerebro, for probably the first time ever. How long before Erik puts on his own helmet for the first time?

Charles is not quite ready for the intensity of Cerebro. Note that Erik is watching.

And here's the logo! All in all, a huge improvement on the last two X-films, at least so far. Fingers crossed!
Indeed. We are getting some good jibes from this one.

Source: iO9


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