"Find Makarov" Live Action Modern Warfare Trailer

Posted by Grey Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No, there is no Modern Warfare 3 announcement. But as hoaxes go, this might just be one of the most unexpected development as a perceived major title announcement transformed into a cool fan-made live action trailer.

So, the countdown for a hotly-anticipated Modern Warfare 3 announcement at FindMakarov.com has finally ended to reveal ... a take-no-prisoner, ass-kicking live action fan film?

While Modern Warfare 2 fans will have hold on for the opportunity to finally getting their hands on Vladimir Makarov (the elusive main antagonist from Modern Warfare 2) for now, the fan film, produced by "We Can Pretend," a Toronto-based artist's collective, is one hell of an action-packed, explosive clip.

For those who missed out on the whole "Find Makarov" viral fiasco, allow us to do a short recap on the incident.

About a week or so before the commence of the 2011 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, military dog tags complete with fake blood stains were sent to numerous prominent video game journalists. Containing the names of characters who met their respective demise at the end of the Modern Warfare 2, these dog tags were also emblazed with the URL of a mysterious Website: FindMakarov.com.

It is about this time where online lurkers started to circulate news of the FindMakarov, a countdown website hinting at the announcement of a Modern Warfare sequel with its mention of Vladimir Makarov, a central figure in Modern Warfare 2's infamous "No Russian" mission. With the countdown well into GDC, incidentally the event where Infinity Ward unveiled the trailer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 two years, anticipation enters fever pitch.

That is until the intervention of Activision, the publisher of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, declaring the website as a hoax in a statement to Kotaku:

"There seems to be a great deal of speculation about the next Call of Duty project. Let me be clear that we are not revealing yet. Anything indicating otherwise is a hoax."

So much for viral marketing. Finally we have one that explodes right smack in the face. Can't blame those who participate in the hype though.

Withput further ado, here's the live action "Modern Warfare" trailer, shot entirely in the first person.

In an interview with Financial Post, Jeff Chan, the creative director of Toronto-based viral marketing company We Can Pretend, indicated that the campaign is "more of a digital calling card created to showcase their skills and show what they might do with the rights to produce a movie based on Call of Duty".

The "Find Makarov" trailer was scripted by Patrick Lo, the design director of We Can Pretend, and produced by David Fradkin, while Nir Zahavi directed the entire viral marketing campaign. Toronto-based Junction VFX provided the visual effects.

Check out the article at Financial Post for more details on the clip.


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