關雲長 The Lost Bladesman Preview: Posters & Trailer

Posted by Grey Wednesday, March 16, 2011

【他本是一匹狼,却天生一副羊的心肠,而这个天下,是狼的天下】"He's a wolf with the soul of lamb. But this world is ruled by wolves."

Watch Donnie Yen kicks some major medieval asses in 關雲長, AKA The Lost Bladesman, a biographical martial arts film based on the life story of general Guan Yu.

Possibly a figure known to all Chinese, Guan Yu (關羽, also known as 關雲長) is one of the most famous general serving under the warlord Liu Bei during
the tumultuous Three Kingdoms Era (三國時代) in China. Deified in the Sui Dynasty, Guan Yu is still worshipped by many Chinese people across the globe today.

Perhaps more significantly, Guan Yu is well-known among youths across the world of all races for his role in modern day gaming scene, with Koei's Dynasty Warriors and Romance of the Three Kingdoms video game series.

The legendary Taoist God of War (eat yer heart, Kratos) was also regularly featured in films with interpretations as diverse from the standard formidable warrior in John Woo's Red Cliff and the crappy Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon, to a evil spirit in Bruce Campbell's horror-comedy film, "My Name Is Bruce", to a space invader-battling Daikaiju in "God of War", a 1976 Taiwan production.

And finally here we are, at a biographical film based on the life story of the legendary general. Directed by Alan Mak 麥兆輝 (co-director of the original Infernal Affairs) and 莊文強 Felix Chong (longtime conspirator of Mak and screenwriter of Infernal Affairs), the film mainly focuses on the story of Guan Yu's legendary (albeit fictional) feat of crossing five passes and slaying six generals as he leaves the services of warlord Cao Cao to embark on a long journey to reunite with Liu Bei.

A brief synopsis of the film, courtesy of Bazics:

During the warring period of the three kingdoms, ancient China is in turmoil. To unify the country general CAO CAO, the real power behind the emperor, enlists the aid of the greatest warrior in the land GUAN YUN CHANG (Donnie Yen). However, Guan Yun Chang is a loyal friend of CAO CAO’s enemy LIU BEI. To persuade the peerless warrior to fight, Cao Cao takes his beloved QI LAN (Sun Li) hostage.

After leading Cao Cao’s forces to victory Guan Yun Chang sets out with Qi Lan to rejoin Liu Bei. But now Cao Cao has deemed him too great a threat to live, and on the journey he must face all the forces at the emperor’s command sent to destroy him.

In the film, Jiang Wen takes on the role of warlord Cao Cao, who is one of the central figures of the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history. He is in black costume which is simple but conveys overwhelmingly strong power.


For those who understand Mandarin, here's the plot synopsis in Mandarin, courtesy of Baidu:



Without further ado, here's the trailer to the film.

Sharp-eyed fans of Koei's Dynasty Warrior series would have noticed that the character banners are reminiscent of the presentation of the popular game.

Anyway, here's the full cast of the film:

甄子丹 饰 關羽(關雲長)
Donnie Yen as Guan Yu

孙俪 饰 绮兰
Betty Sun as Qi Lan

姜文 饰 曹操
Jiang Wen as Cao Cao

方中信 饰 刘备
Alex Fong as Liu Bei

邵兵 饰 张辽
Shao Bing as Zhang Liao

钱小豪 饰 颜良
Chin Siu-ho as Yan Liang

李明 饰 文丑
Lee Ming as Wen Chou

The Six Generals

聂远 饰 韩福
Nie Yuan as Han Fu

王学兵 饰 王植
Wang Xuebing as Wang Zhi

安志杰 饰 孔秀
Andy On as Kong Xiu

李宗翰 饰 秦琪
Calvin Li as Qin Qi

黑子 饰 孟坦
Hei Zhi as Meng Tan

余皑磊 饰 卞喜
Yu Kailei as Bian Xi

王柏杰 饰 汉献帝
Wang Po-chieh as Emperor Xian of Han

赵柯 饰 甘夫人
Zhao Ke as Liu Bei's wife  
陈红 饰 糜夫人
Chen Hong as Mrs. Mi

董勇 饰 荀攸
Dong Yong as Xun You

桑平 饰 许褚
San Ping as Xu Zhu

Here's the posters released thus far.


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