Sucker Punch Animated Shorts

Posted by Grey Friday, March 25, 2011

Are we capable to stop flapping our gums talking about Sucker Punch? Before we take on the film itself in the theaters this weekend, we will stop (for now) right after bringing you these awesome animated shorts inspired by the film.

Having designed and directed a segment for Tokyo Zombie, the Japanese Zombie film written and directed by the infamous Sakichi Sato, Swiss animation director Ben Hibon has already by default, earned the respects of us here at The Daily Zombies. However, his tremendous body of work continue to surprise us: He has also helped created the in-game sequences for Capcom's 2007 cult game, Killer7, directed the highly acclaimed short film, Codehunters, and perhaps more notable than other due to its high profile, he was the one who directed the animated short of The Tale of The Three Brothers in Part 1 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Working with Zack Snyder in his magnum opus, Sucker Punch, Hibon unleashes his ultra-stylized animation style yet again in a series of animation shorts expanding on the mind-boggling vision from the film.

Here's what Snyder and Hibon have to say about the animated shorts (via YouTube):

Presenting animated shorts inspired by Zack Snyder's new film, Sucker Punch. Director Zack Snyder and animator Ben Hibon collaborated with Splastk to further explore the fantasy worlds in the film. The animated shorts provide a distinct glimpse into those surreal places, allowing people to experience the worlds in a very unique way. "It made sense to me to not only approach the worlds from an original direction in terms of story and focus," says Snyder, "but also to really push the visual style in a different direction as well. Having seen his contribution to the latest Harry Potter film and looking at some of his other recent work, Ben's talent was obvious and his aesthetic felt like a perfect fit. His work is graphic and visually arresting." Hibon relished an opportunity to expand upon Snyder's unique vision. "Zack is one of the most exciting and original directors working in Hollywood today. Sucker Punch is nothing short of pure visual madness.

Here's the official description of "The Trenches", embedded right after the jump, followed by "Dragon", "Distant Planet", and "Feudal Warriors".

In Sucker Punch, the girls face off against an army of mechanized WWI soldiers. Through the use of clockwork and steam technology, human soldiers who die in battle are reanimated and sent back to the front lines. Although seemingly indistinguishable and soulless, the zombie army is not just made of gears and steam, but also of human flesh, bone, and memory. In "The Trenches" there is a tragic tale behind each lifeless mask.

The Trenches


Distant Planet

Feudal Warriors

Hell, Zak Snyder does indeed has the uncanny ability of escalating the anticipation level to his films. For the record, I though 300 and Watchmen were extremely well-made and despite their respective flaws, they are still considered very fine films by any standards, and in particularly the much-maligned Watchmen. And that meant more so than you might have thought, coming from a hardcore Alan Moore fan, not to mentioned an extremely hardcore fans of the original Watchmen comics.

That said, we truly hope the film would justify its incredible hype. Sucker Punch hits theaters everywhere today (March 25th).


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