Superheroes, Villains & Robots Represented In Minimalist Form

Posted by Grey Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In a post-modern, post-fundamentalism age, artist Fabian Glez took on the unenviable role of transforming an incredible number of superheroes, supervillains, and robots into minimalistic logos.

In an amazing feat of a minimalism take on the pop culture icon in comics, artist Fabian Glez transformed seventy-seven superheroes, seventy-seven supervillains, and eighty-seven friendly robots into simplistic logos. We dare you to take on the challenge in figuring them out?

For those who have given up, the who's who list is right below.

Minimalism heroes (From all kinds and ages)
You can find a print of it here.

IN THAT ORDER: Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Superman, Supergirl, Barbarella, Mighty Mouse Ironman, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Cyclops, The Incredibles, Kick Ass, Radioactive man, Fall out boy (milkhouse version), Wonder Woman, The Flash, Captain Atom, Aeon Flux, El santo, Wolverine, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Professor X, Chapulin Colorado, The Darkness, The Tick, Ben (FF), Hellboy, He-Man, Freakazoid, Silver Surfer, Witchblade,Metamorpho, Spiderman, Mandrake, Mighty Man, Green Lantern, Falcon, Atom Ant, Green arrow, The Phantom, Storm (Xmen), Birdman, Aquaman, Iceman, Captain Marvel, Spawn, Space Ghost, Blade, Blue Falcon, Dynomutt, Flash Gordon, Bartman, The Vision (Avengers),TMNT Raphael, TMNT Leonardo, TMNT Donatello, TMNT Michelangelo, Plastic Man, Duffman, Scarlet Witch, The punisher, Dare Devil, Hawkman, Black Vulcan, Zorro, Hawk and Dove, Sandman, Antman, Gambit, Wonder Twins, Marshal Bravestarr, Electra, Spider Woman.

Minimalism Villains (Or Superheroes enemies)
You can find a print of it here.

IN THAT ORDER: Galactus , Magneto, Bullseye, Bane, Mumm-Ra, Doomsday, The Joker, Cat Woman, Dr. Doom, Amanda Waller, Venom, Electro, Captain Cold, Green Goblin,Carnage, Clayface, Black Adam, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Kingpin, General Zod, MODOK, Loki, Apocalypse, Lex Lutor, Dr. Octopus, Two-Face, Mystique, Mandarin, Bizarro, Red Skull, Zoom, Juggernaut, Ozymandias, Flattop, Baron Zemo II, Mr. Freeze, Deadshot, Skeletor, Harley Quinn, Abobination, Sebastian Shaw, Sabertooth, Dormammu, Riddler, Scarecrow, Cyborg Superman, Mephisto, Prometheus, Lizard, Sargent Garcia, The Leader, Doctor Sivana, Grigori Rasputin, Kang the Conqueror, Herr Starr, killer Frost, Mysterio, Cheetah, The Governor, William Stryker (Reverend), Shade, Sandman, Parallax, Omni-Man, Mister Mxyzptlk, Omega Red, Violator (Spawn). Fin Fang Foom, Thanos, Darkseid, Ra's Al Ghul, Dark Phoenix, Sinestro, Brainiac, Hordak, AbsorbingMan.

Minimalism robots (good natured / defenders)
You can find a print of it here.

Mazinger, Optimus prime G1, C3P0, Mega man, Leader 1, Voltron, R2D2, Iron giant, Steel jeeg,
EVA01, Robocop, Bumblebee, Bender, Boss, Gaiking, Doraemon, Magne Robo Gakeen, Turbo, Astroboy, Bryger, Tetsujin 28, Valkyrie VF-1S, Megazord, Overman king gainer, Aphrodite,
Daikyojin, EVA 02, Lagann, Big guy, Getter Dragun, Wall-e, Gundam, Bedda, Trungu,Legga,
Dai apolon, Jazz G1, Scooter, Dot matrix, Yatter-wan, B9, Frankestein Jr., Tin Man, Raydeen,
Giant robot, Patlabor, Rosie, Gigantor, Dai guard, Gasaraki, Shin getter robo, XXXG-01W - Gundam, Nirvash Type Zero, R.O.B Nintendo, Gravion, Robby (Forbbiden Planet), Pyoro, EVA03,
Great Mazinger, Metabee, SAM the robot, Dann of thursday, Garland (Megazone 23), Maria, Big O,
Shield liger de van, Gold Lightan, Small foot, Knightmare frame Lancelot, Mazinkaiser,
2-1b medic droid, Mars Pathfinder Sojourner Rover, Small wonder, Vincent, Bob, Johnny 5,
Grendizer, Eve, Josef - Machinarium, Raijin-Oh, Andrew Martin, Data, Alpha, VR-052F - Robotech, Marvin T.P.A., Twiki, K9, Ratchet G1, Robert fireball xl5, ASIMO, Muffet, David AI,
Gaogaigar, NS-5 Sonny, Dynomutt, Rodney Copperbottom.

Source: Fabian Glez


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