Ulises Farina's DC Vs. Marvel Battle Mural

Posted by Grey Monday, March 28, 2011

We have previously featured illustrator Ulises Alfonso Farinas in several occasion (Batman Loses, Lego version of Doctor Who, as well as that of DC, Marvel, and the Star Trek Universe). And now behold his magnum opus... A massive battle mural pitting the DC Universe against the Marvel Universe (with a few Amalgam characters thrown in for fun sake).

Commissioned by Comics Alliance to commemorate the upcoming 15th anniversary of the Marvel vs. DC crossover, Ulises Alfonso Farinas came out all guns ablazing to bring us this incredible battle mural art featuring the superheroes from the DC Universe and the Marvel Universe going mano-a-mano against each, with some characters from Amalgam (the meta-universe co-created by DC Comics and Marvel Comics where the two comic book publishers merged their characters to create new ones during 1996's Marvel vs. DC series) thrown in for good measure.

What's more, Comics Alliance is challenging fans to take on a game of spotting hidden characters and items, all in the totally non-copyright infringing spirit of the Where's Waldo books.

Main mission of the game: Find the Invisible Woman. Hint: This would have been totally insane have I not been paying particular attention to Batman after checking out Farina's Batman Loses. For those interested in the Where's Waldo quest, do check out the vastly superior hi-res version at Comics Alliance.

And here's the checklist of items to find:

4 Cupcakes
7 Twinkies
2 Sno Balls
1 Chocolate Zinger
1 Yodel
1 Metrocard
Captain America's Classic Shield
A Daily Bugle Newspaper
All 6 Infinity Gems
All 8 Green Lantern Rings
Joker's Bang-Gun
1 Daily Planet Newspaper
5 A.I.M. Agents
4 Gotham City Police Officers
The Spidermobile
The Batmobile
The Avengers Quinjet
The Fantastic Four Fantasticar
The X-Men's Blackbird
The Titanic
Wolverine's Weapon-X Helmet
Batman's Robot T-Rex
A Piece of Cheese
The Cosmic Cube
Peter Parker's Camera
3 Comics Longboxes
The Bottle City of Kandor
1 Piece of Kryptonite
Beta Ray Bill's Hammer
The Hall of Doom
The Ultimate Nullifier
Skrull Electra
Skrull Capt America
Skrull Spiderman
Skrull Cyclops

Comic Book Covers:

-Amazing Spiderman #50
-Avengers #4
-Crisis on Infinite Earths #7
-Fantastic Four #1

Drunk Tony Stark & 4 suits of Iron Man Armor:

-Silver Centurion
-Original Steel Grey
-Classic Horned Red & Yellow
-Classic Red & Yellow


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