Japan Needs Heroes

Posted by Grey Friday, April 22, 2011

Joining in the relief efforts at this great time of peril in Japan are some of the heroes we known and loved in the comics industry.

We have witnessed more than our fair share of heroes (as diverse as the technicians working at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant to Yakuza members) arising from the devastating crisis that has profoundly affected the Land of the Rising Sun. And now you can add some of the top creators in the comics industry in that6 ever-growing list.

Independent publisher Red Giant Entertainment (RGE) has assembled an impressive collective of top creators to contribute to Japan Needs Heroes, a graphic novel created in an effort to raise more funds to the Japan Society, a non-profit organization that has created a special disaster relief fund to aid victims of the Tohoku earthquake in Japan.

Top names like Stan Lee (who will provide the foreword), Peter David, Ron Marz, Mike Deodato, Larry Hama, Jimmy Palmiotti, Elaine Lee, Amanda Conner, Howard Mackie and Brandon Peterson, among many others, would be contributing to the book. For a full list of the creators involved in the project, check out the book’s Kickstarter page, which Red Giant is using to fund the printing.

Via a press release that was out earlier yesterday, comiXology has confirmed that they will be distributing the graphic novel digitally both anyone who contributes as much as $5, or those who purchase the physical book as well.

Head over to the book’s Kickstarter page or comiXology to grab the book.

Here is the official press release from the book’s Kickstarter page:

JAPAN NEEDS HEROES is a comic book featuring numerous creative talent from both the Webcomic and Print comic worlds coming together for a common cause. 100% of the profits for this book will go to benefit the victims affected by the tragedy in Japan.

The book's theme will be about uplifting stories of hope in the face of tragedy.

The funds will go to pay for the printing cost (which is being donated AT COST) and shipping costs... everything else will go toward the victims through the Japan Society an organization that sends 100% of our funds directly to those affected.

MORE REWARDS and LEVELS will be added as people come on and agree to more stuff. So feel free to give BIG, you might be surprised at what you get! And all pledges of $5 or more will include a downloadable version of the comic via comiXology!

More and more creative talents will be listed here as they confirm that they are on board. Some listed people may be subject to change, so check back often for updated roster of talent. Current creators include:


* Aaron Williams -- Nodwick, Full Frontal Nerdity, PS238, and South 40

* Benny Powell & Weilin Yang -- Wayward Sons: Legends

* Bill Walko -- The Hero Business

* Brion Foulke -- Flipside

* Chris Crosby & Owen Gieni -- Sore Thumbs

* Cory Brown & Ran Brown -- The End

* Courtney Huddleston, Dale Mettam and Matt Keltner -- Luci Phurr's Imps, Decoy, Cemetery Street; Inspector Gadget & Johnny Test

* Dave Zero1 & Gisele Lagace -- Eerie Cuties, MenageA3 (NSFW) and Magick Chicks

* David Campiti -- Exposure

* David Reddick -- Legend of Bill, Gene’s Journal and Rod & Barry

* Gar Molloy -- Neko The Kitty

* Genzoman -- Legendary Visions

* Jason M. Burns -- The Dummy's Guide to Danger and The Expendable One

* Jennifer Brazas -- Mystic Revolution

* Jinky Coranado -- Banzai Girl

* Ken Johnson -- Velica

* Larry Hama -- G.I. Joe, Wolverine, 'Nam and more

* Mark McKenna -- Banana Tail

* Mike Deodato -- Jade Warriors, New Avengers, Thor, Avengers, Wonder Woman and much more...

* Peter David -- Hulk, X-Factor, Young Justice, Supergirl, and more...

* Rae Baade -- Overlord of Ravenfell

* Rob Haines & Jenny Sargent -- Generation Minus One

* Scott Story -- Johnny Saturn

* Tarol Hunt -- Goblins

* Tracy Bailey -- Luci Phurr's Imps and Catena Manor


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